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TVP is to apologize for the material in “Wiadomosci”.  It concerned Magdalena Ogórek

TVP is to apologize for the material in “Wiadomosci”. It concerned Magdalena Ogórek

TVP is to apologize for the material in “Wiadomosci”.  It concerned Magdalena Ogórek

According to “Rzeczpospolita”, Telewizja Polska is to apologize to a group of activists who protested in 2019 in front of the TVP headquarters. In “Wiadomości” their faces were shown and personal data were disclosed because they allegedly attacked Magdalena Ogórek.

After five years, a group of activists will receive an apology from . In 2019, they protested against the activities of Telewizja Polska in front of the station’s headquarters. When she left the building, they shouted at her and tried to prevent her from leaving by car. After a few days, they saw material about themselves in “Wiadomości”, for which TVP has now apologized.

TVP is to apologize for the material in “Wiadomości”

In 2020, the court acquitted activists who were accused of obstructing traffic on a public road and placing a sticker on Magdalena Ogórek’s car. Contrary to the TVP material, which presented the protesters as aggressive, the court found that no aggression occurred. A group of 10 activists sued Telewizja Polska after “Wiadomości” broadcast material about them. Their personal details were provided along with the information that they were people who had repeatedly demonstrated against TVP.

Polish Television will have to apologize to them on television, and one person will also receive an apology on the website. As reported by “”, .

The press materials broadcast by TVP were manipulation. They stigmatized our clients and violated their privacy. They were intended to discredit them among a wide audience. (…) More than five years have passed since those events. TVP is already under new rule. This case could have been resolved faster, says attorney Michał Zacharski, attorney-in-fact for some of the injured parties, to “Rzeczpospolita”.

Magdalena Ogórek’s account was different from the truth

Shortly after the protest that took place in front of the TVP headquarters in February 2019, Magdalena Ogórek informed on social media that not only was her departure blocked:

The car was spat on, scratched, completely covered in stickers, insults, throwing themselves under the wheels. A scuffle and violence. That’s what my departure from TVP looked like. And they are happy and are posting the film – wrote Ogórek on Twitter.

The incident looked much less serious than the former TVP employee described. Slogans were chanted at her: “shame and disgrace”, “hire journalists”, “sell-out liar”, one sticker was applied, but no one pulled anyone and no violence occurred. The police only removed people lying on the road and blocking Magdalena Ogórek’s passage, as PolsatNews reported the incident at the time. The course of the protest was criticized by all political circles – the situation took place less than a month after the tragic death of Paweł Adamowicz, the president of Gdańsk. At that time, Polish Television took an active part in the political campaign not only against the murdered politician, but also against his political environment. There was widespread fear of further escalation of the conflict.

Source: Gazeta

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