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Not only father and brother.  Machalica also has a talented nephew.  This is the star of “Dewajtis”

Not only father and brother. Machalica also has a talented nephew. This is the star of “Dewajtis”

Not only father and brother.  Machalica also has a talented nephew.  This is the star of “Dewajtis”

It has been 3.5 years since Piotr Machalica’s death, and his relatives are still trying to cultivate the memory of the actor. The next edition of the festival named after him is fast approaching, and as it turned out, his talented nephew will also take part. What is known about Adam Machalica?

he was considered one of the most talented actors in the domestic film industry. He made his screen debut in the late 1970s in “Rycerz” by Lech Majewski, but his real popularity came less than a decade later thanks to the crime story “Kill Me Cop” directed by Jacek Bromski. However, he had many more great roles under his belt, including: in “The Art of Loving”, “Dekalog” and “Złotopolski”.

Where did Piotr Machalica live? In the last years of his life he was a theater director

Machalica’s great passion, apart from acting, was also music. Over the years of his career, he took part in numerous acting song competitions, winning awards, and also recorded albums, performing songs by artists such as Bułat Okudzhava and , to whom he dedicated his latest release. His last screen role was an episode in the romantic comedy “Happiness Comes in Pairs”, which premiered over a year after his death.

Previously, he was also preparing to star in TVN’s “Professional Secret”, but due to the fact that the filming took place in the capital, he decided to resign from it. He justified his decision with the desire to spend more time with his loved ones, as he lived in Częstochowa, where he was the artistic director of the Theater. Adam Mickiewicz. It was on the stage of this institution that his nephew performed from the beginning of his career.

Piotr Machalica’s nephew is also an actor. Adam will perform at a festival honoring his uncle

It’s no secret that he was not the only actor in his family. His father, Henryk, was also associated with the industry, known, among others, from the role of the family doyenne from the hit soap opera, as well as his brother Aleksander, a star who is 3 years older than “Commissioner Alex”. It was his son who decided to continue the tradition and started studies at the Warsaw Theater School, which he successfully completed in 2017.

Adam Machalica, like other family members, will soon perform at the annual Częstochowa festival, organized by the Piotr Machalica foundation, established by his second wife Aleksandra. Preliminary information shows that the 38-year-old will appear on stage three times.

Due to family connections, he has been involved with acting since childhood. In 2017, he graduated from the Theater Academy in Warsaw, and a year later he started performing on the stage of the Częstochowa Theater. Adam Mickiewicz. Since 2022, he has been an actor at the New Theater in Poznań and lectures at the Theater and Acting Art Studio in Poznań. Outside of the theater, he also plays, but mainly in video games, guitar and sometimes in movies

– announced the organizers. Adam Machalica realizes himself not only on the stage of theaters, but also in . He lent his voice to the characters of such productions as “Big Mouth”, “Thor: Ragnarok” and “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales”. He also has roles in the productions “Planet of Singles”, “Dzik” and . If you feel like it, vote in our poll below.

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