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The creators of the hit TVP series hid it for 15 years.  Fans are desperate.  “So many years in a lie”

The creators of the hit TVP series hid it for 15 years. Fans are desperate. “So many years in a lie”

The creators of the hit TVP series hid it for 15 years.  Fans are desperate.  “So many years in a lie”

Fans of hit productions are always eager to visit places where filming takes place. This is also the case with “Father Mateusz”, thanks to which many of his admirers come to Sandomierz every year. Many of them will be surprised by the fact that the beloved TVP series was not actually filmed there.

is undoubtedly one of the most popular series on Polish Television. Its premiere took place in early December 2008 and so far there have been as many as 14 seasons, each of which attracted millions of viewers. The success of the production was determined, among others, by: a humorous plot and an all-star cast, including the title character.

“Father Mateusz” was not created in Sandomierz at all? The truth about the series finally came to light

Although it has been broadcast for over 15 years, its new episodes are watched on average by approximately 1.5 million viewers, which is a surprising result. The enormous popularity of the adventures of a bicycle-riding priest solving puzzles translates into unwavering interest in the town in which the plot is set. Of course, we are talking about Sandomierz, a city located in the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship. And indeed, some of the scenes, especially outdoor ones showing e.g. chases, were shot there, but the vast majority of them took place completely elsewhere. Where exactly? It’s not hard to guess.

Where is the church from “Father Matthew” located? This is where the photos for the TVP hit are taken

It turns out that due to logistics and a reduction in budget, the creators decided to organize it in Warsaw. Thus, Mateusz’s rectory is located at 9 Drwali Street in the Radość housing estate, just like the interior of the police station, which is located at 69 Wilgi Street. In turn, the famous wooden church is located just a few dozen kilometers from the capital in a small village called Glinianka.

A few days ago, a recording from the “residence” of a priest known throughout Poland was shown on his Instagram profile by Mariusz Kozak, who gained popularity thanks to the TTV program. The video was immediately flooded with comments from surprised Internet users.

I am afraid that with this information you have broken many hearts of Father Mateusz’s admirers

Living a lie for so many years

– they wrote. Some admitted that they were aware of it earlier and also revealed that for some time the photos had been taken in a completely different place. According to their information, the new season of “Father Mateusz” was filmed in the town of Marki at Spacerowa Street. If you feel like it, vote in our poll below.

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