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He cheated on the mother of his children with an actress who was 9 years his junior.  Then he explained that “he comes from a broken family”

He cheated on the mother of his children with an actress who was 9 years his junior. Then he explained that “he comes from a broken family”

He cheated on the mother of his children with an actress who was 9 years his junior.  Then he explained that “he comes from a broken family”

He delighted some, outraged others, but nevertheless he went down in history as one of the greatest visionaries of Polish theater. Adam Hanuszkiewicz’s private life aroused no less interest. He had three failed marriages behind him, which is why he was labeled as a lover and an idol of women. He was with his last wife until his death, although, as he himself claimed, he was never able to fully devote himself to her.

Adam Hanuszkiewicz was born on June 16, 1924 in Lviv. This is where he spent his childhood and time. Although his peers fought underground, he did not want to take up arms. – It seemed to me that I wouldn’t be able to shoot a person – he said in “Duży Format”. – Even one who needs to be shot – he added. At the end of the first half of the 1940s, he moved with his family to Rzeszów, where, at the encouragement of his uncle, he joined the military theater. It was on this stage that he made his debut as Wacław in the production of “Revenge” by Aleksander Fredro, attracting the attention of not only viewers but also critics.

For many actors, Hanuszkiewicz was a legend. He himself never had a mentor in his profession

Although he had a reputation for being versatile, he was a complete autodidact. He did not graduate from any school and prepared himself for the external examination, which he successfully passed in 1946. – Everything I have achieved in life came from wanting to educate myself – he said years later. – The following conclusion follows: I believe that you can give others a chance to learn through your work, provided that you do it by educating yourself, and not from the position of a mentor who thinks that he is educating others – he explained his vision. He followed the same principle when he took up the position of director of the National Theater in Warsaw, to which he was convinced by anti-communist and literary director Jerzy Sito. – But the decision was mine. I took this theater under my sole responsibility, Hanuszkiewicz said later.

When his career gained momentum, he not only performed on stage, but also took up directing. He created over 300 shows, including about 100 for the Television Theater, and directed two others outside the capital’s facility. Even though he was respected in the community, many even considered him a true legend, he himself did not feel like an authority, although he undoubtedly was for many people. It was under his wing that such stars as Bożena Dykiel, Wiktor Zborowski, Krzysztof Kolberg and .

How many wives did Adam Hanuszkiewicz have? His last marriage lasted over two decades

Hanuszkiewicz never hid his weakness for women. He always had crowds of admirers with whom he willingly flirted and started fleeting affairs. He claimed that “love is a gift of nature, but not everyone can love.” – Love is pleasure at first. Then, in later years, enslavement by another person, and later in life a niche that protects us from loneliness – he claimed. It stood four times, and for the first time before the war ended. His chosen one at that time was Maria Stachiewiczówna, but their relationship broke up only after 3 years, just after the birth of their daughter Teresa.

Soon after, his heart beat faster for , whom he married in 1948. – My fascination with Rysiówna began with verbal duels – he said in one of the interviews. – Almost throughout our relationship, she constantly scolded me and said, “You’re babbling,” he recalled. Although their relationship was considered successful, they had two children together, Katarzyna and Piotr, it was not so at all. The actress was possessive and jealous, as he used to say, “Mickiewicz’s woman, i.e. the divine devil”, and he was unable to remain faithful. When she joined the cast of the theater, he completely lost his mind for her. His wife couldn’t stand the rumors about his affair that were rife behind the scenes, but ultimately he filed for divorce.

The actress, almost a decade younger than him, was completely different from his previous sympathies. He appreciated her self-confidence and partnership approach, and she was impressed by his talent and rich life experience. They formed a harmonious duo not only privately, but also professionally, creating many excellent performances together. However, the idyll quickly came to an end.

There’s less and less Adam in my life. He disappears for weeks. I don’t even know where to look for it. I am my own sailor…

– she wrote on the pages of the book “Stop Time”. When she found out some time later that she had cancer, Hanuszkiewicz was already in the arms of another woman. And it was Magdalena Cwenówna, 30 years his junior, whom he married in 1990 and was with her until her death. He emphasized that he had never been able to fully give himself to any woman, because as an actor he was “doomed to loneliness”. In turn, he saw the reasons for not telling about his previous marriages in difficult childhood experiences. – I come from a broken family. I’ve broken more than one myself, he admitted openly, adding that he was seduced by women, not them by him. – I was lucky to meet women who were smart, interesting and with personality. I owe them the most, he said before his death. He died on December 4, 2011. If you feel like it, vote in our poll below.

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