The American singer Justin Timberlake, arrested last night and released this Tuesday morning, has been accused of driving under the influence of alcohol and jumping a traffic signal. Timberlake, 43, was leaving a hotel in the luxurious area of ​​the Hamptons – beaches highly appreciated by wealthy New Yorkers – and got in front of his BMW vehicle with which he almost immediately ran a stop sign. ), while He couldn’t even stay in his lane..

Intercepted by a traffic agent, whom “his red and glassy eyes” caught attention -according to the police report leaked to various media-, he initially refused to take the alcohol test, claiming that he had had “only one martini”, although the agent noted that “his breath gave off a strong smell of alcohol.”

The tabloid Page Six joked that the police officer must have been very young because he did not know Timberlake and when they heard him say “This is going to ruin my tour,” he asked, “What tour?”, to which the artist still replied, “My world tour!”.

Indeed, Timberlake is immersed in the ‘Forget Tomorrow World Tour’, whose next stop is Chicago (Illinois) next Friday and Saturday, to then return to New York and continue in Boston (Massachusetts), but it does not seem that the incident is going to prevent him from continuing with her, because His next appointment is for July 26.

Timberlake has acknowledged in the past that he used marijuana when he was much younger “to turn off his mind,” or that at the Coachella Festival he consumed “many different substances.”