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Do you have wide hips?  Me too, that’s why I bought this skirt.  I’ve never looked so slim before

Do you have wide hips? Me too, that’s why I bought this skirt. I’ve never looked so slim before

Do you have wide hips?  Me too, that’s why I bought this skirt.  I’ve never looked so slim before

For some women, wide hips are an asset, for others their biggest nightmare. A poorly selected skirt can only highlight them more, instead of slimming them. If you want to optically take a few centimeters off, choose this style of skirt.

How to dress to hide wide hips? Many women ask themselves this question. First of all, we want to emphasize the waist and balance the proportions of the figure. Pencil skirts will not be a good choice, because a tight cut will only emphasize the width of the hips. It is better to choose models that slightly widen towards the bottom. Now you can find them at Terranova, Reserved and H&M.

Terranova: black mini skirt. It will visually take a few kilos off you

Flared skirts are the perfect choice for women with wide hips. They fit delicately around the hips, thus cleverly masking their width. It is worth choosing bottoms in a dark color: black, navy blue, dark brown. Additionally, it will slim you down. Avoid neon shades, floral and animal prints, because they will optically make you look wider.

Go to the Terranova store. There you can buy a flared skirt with pleats at a bargain price. You can choose from sizes from XXS to XL and two colors: black and dark brown. The model is made of polyviscose.

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Reserved: women’s skirt. Hides wide hips and larger thighs

Midi and maxi skirts are perfect for wide hips. They cover most of the legs, thanks to which the attention is focused on the advantages of the figure, e.g. narrow waist, shoulders, slender neck. A shiny skirt is a proposition from the Reserved brand. Pleating throughout adds lightness and masks the hip line, and gathering at the waist emphasizes the figure. The model is available in three colors: pink, beige and gray. Sizes available from XS to XL.

Shiny skirtShiny skirt

H&M: skirts for women with wide hips. Asymmetry is your ally

Women with wide hips should choose clothes that gently flow around the body. The goal is to slim and lengthen the figure. Avoid fishnet styles, which are very tight on the hips. A good move is to wear high heels or platform shoes. Accessories also play an important role. Jewelry, belts and long scarves are welcome.

Asymmetrical skirtAsymmetrical skirt

You can buy an asymmetrical skirt at H&M. The loose cut, delicate gathers at the front and irregular hem distract attention from wide hips. Sizes available from XS to XXL. The model is available in three colors: green, cream and dark beige. It has a high waist, which also improves the appearance of the figure. If you feel like it, vote in our poll below.

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