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“But this woman is ugly.”  Joanna Koroniewska responded bluntly to the haters

“But this woman is ugly.” Joanna Koroniewska responded bluntly to the haters

“But this woman is ugly.”  Joanna Koroniewska responded bluntly to the haters

Joanna Koroniewska responded to public ageism and bodyshaming. The actress often deals with extremely nasty comments about her appearance. And only because it shows itself in a natural form. Her answer is an important step for thousands of Polish women. “I love every wrinkle because it expresses my emotions,” the actress wrote in an important post on Instagram.

The vilification of women because of their age on the Internet is unfortunately very popular. Bodyshaming and ageism related to the signs of passing time, such as wrinkles, are encountered not only by ordinary social media users, but also by actors, artists, models, celebrities, activists, etc. Fortunately, many famous women openly oppose the demonization of aging and proudly show off their gray hair, crow’s feet or are simply regularly photographed without makeup.

Although it seems like a trivial thing, it is actually very important. It familiarizes society with the sight of aging faces and other body parts and with the fact that aging is a normal process that occurs in every person’s life. Women are particularly subject to social judgment when it comes to the signs of aging. That’s why many popular people say “Enough!” and one of them is the famous Polish actress, Joanna Koroniewska.

Joanna Koroniewska responded to the hate. “I love all my imperfections”

We know Joanna Koroniewska mainly from the role of Małgosia Mostowiak in “M jak miłość”. Maciej Dowbor’s wife is also very active on Instagram, where she shares moments from her life with her followers, and on TikTok, where she and her husband publish various humorous content.

Koroniewska often shows herself in a natural version, completely without make-up. This should not surprise or shock anyone, but unfortunately the actress is regularly attacked in an extremely disgusting way. Once in a while, the actress answers them. She did the same this time, referring to the comments directed at her. It was: “Woman, do something with yourself, because after 50 you will look like after 70” and “But this woman is ugly.” These were comments written by women.

It’s difficult to even comment on such a scandalous statement, but Joanna Koroniewska managed it brilliantly. The actress emphasized that she had been building her self-esteem over the years and would not let any hater destroy it. It is worth following her example. Here’s what she wrote on Instagram:

I love every wrinkle because it expresses my emotions. My life so far. I love my small breasts that have supported my two precious children. I love all my perfections and imperfections. More and more with age

– we read in her emotional and moving entry. “After many years of struggling with complexes, I accept myself more and more. This does not mean that I do not care about my shape or health. And I will no longer allow myself to be ridiculed by any man or woman, let alone destroy my strong self-esteem,” added the actress. .

It’s THEIR problem, not mine. I don’t wear make-up or beautify myself every day. Because YES it can also be beautiful. I would like it to become FASHIONABLE to beautify your health, your soul, and not, above all, your body!!! Especially since in fact it probably works too – but only for a moment. Because in a moment we want more and better. And we strive for ideals that DO NOT exist… I do not criticize those who chose this path, but I have been showing you HERE for years that there is another way. And I know from many, many of you that it can also be beautiful!!

– wrote Joanna Koroniewska. The actress also shared a thought-provoking educational video about the complexes caused by our surroundings.

Internet users support Koroniewska. “These are people full of complexes and stupidity”

It didn’t take long for Instagram users to react. Her post was liked by over 32,000 people, including well-known activists: Maja Staśko and Martyna Kaczmarek, a body-positive influencer. “People really have boring lives to write such nonsense. You are beautiful,” Internet users write under Joanna Koroniewska’s post.

They write about themselves. Any person who spews so much venom means themselves. So it’s not your problem. Everything is fine with you, or even better, but with these women it is very bad.

I feel sorry for these poor people who are so unhappy with themselves – judgment, criticism, who gave them such permission, let everyone take care of their own garden, because there is something to do in everyone. Powerful video. Asia, you are wonderful, you know it, and I will add to those commenting: Appearance is just appearance. The body’s possibilities are endless, and this is the most beautiful thing about the body

The lady who wrote the comment lacks empathy and tact to write something like that

Well done, Joasia! I like myself natural, because it’s ME

You are beautiful and natural, and there are fewer and fewer women like that. I don’t wear make-up every day either, and I don’t care whether someone likes it or not.

You are a very beautiful and smart woman. Oil (…), because these are people full of complexes and stupidity. Keep being yourself and don’t explain yourself to this darkness

The whole truth. Until we love ourselves, others will usurp the right to impose their beliefs on us.

– we read in the remaining entries.

Source: Gazeta

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