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“Sisi”, the story of a girl who became an icon. Show the Epic Drama channel

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The story of a self-confident ruler has fascinated viewers for a long time. Now is the time for her to win the hearts and minds of a new generation in a modern twist on Sisi’s biography.

“Sisi”. A new look at Europe’s first superstar

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The first European superstar, Sisi, is the protagonist of a fascinating story full of intrigue and desire. A carefree teenager falls head over heels in love with an influential and famous man, Emperor Francis, played by the German actor Jannik Schümann (Center of the World, Charité). Their relationship, however, is marked by the stigma of another love that could not be fulfilled. Sisi decides to take the challenge.

Over time, she becomes a confident, modern woman, capable of making difficult decisions, coping with loss, and finally fulfilling the role of empress on her own. Dubbed the most beautiful woman in Europe, Sisi fights for her ideals against the strict regime at the court. Francis, the love of her life, is a man whose emotions and feelings are stifled by the facade of the harsh and brutal Austro-Hungarian ruler.

Dominique Devenport says about his role: “When I think about Sisi, in my imagination I see a statue surrounded by myths and legends, and not a real person. I am glad that I can impersonate her and show her as a man of flesh and blood: a young woman with big dreams and strong feelings, fighting for her own values ​​”. On the other hand, Jannik Schümann comments on his character: “What is particularly exciting and demanding for me in the role of Francis is the complexity of his character. Finding a balance between an emotionless and gloomy ruler on the one hand, and a nice and innocent man on the other, my biggest acting challenge “.

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“Sisi” is a contemporary look at the rebellious story of the adolescent Empress of the Habsburg Empire, as well as a story about young members of the royal family torn between personal desires and political limitations, between power and sensitivity.

Broadcast daily from December 26 to 31 at 21:30 on the Epic Drama channel.

Source: Gazeta

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