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She said that “a civil wedding is a fake.”  She married her second husband only after 40 years.  “I converted”

She said that “a civil wedding is a fake.” She married her second husband only after 40 years. “I converted”

She said that “a civil wedding is a fake.”  She married her second husband only after 40 years.  “I converted”

The cult film adaptation of “Nights and Days” was a breakthrough for Ewa Da³kowska not only in her career, but also in life in general. On the set, the actress fell in love with Tomasz Miernikowski, and although he initially avoided her like the plague, he eventually reciprocated her feelings. However, standing in the way of their love was… her husband, whom she married when she had not even dreamed of a career yet.

Before Ewa Dałkowska decided to connect her future with , she studied Polish studies at the University of Warsaw. During the holidays, she went to Bulgaria with her mother to relax a bit after a difficult and stressful year. It was then that she met Andrzej, who turned her life upside down.

He was the first husband of Ewa Dałkowska. It was thanks to him that she became an actress

Falling in love with a man she had just met, who was also passionate about art and singing, she decided to confide in him her desire to conquer the stage. It was he who, despite everyone, even her parents, persuaded her to abandon her studies and take the entrance exams to the Warsaw theater school. – He was my first boyfriend. Because I, a young lady from a good home, was a bit behind in “these” matters – she told “Pani” about her approach to male-female relationships. She received the index the first time, and soon after she stood at .

By her husband’s side, she developed not only as a woman, but also as an artist, meeting more and more new people from the environment in which he had long been actively involved. – He was a charming and cordial man. An architect, but an artistic soul. He wrote songs for the cabaret and it was thanks to him that I got to know the Warsaw cabaret community, she recalled. Although it seemed that their relationship would survive any, even the smallest, crisis, this did not happen. – We were too young and took the institution of marriage lightly. Or maybe I didn’t love him enough? – she wondered many years later in an interview.

They met on the set of “Nights and Days”. Dałkowska was married when they started dating

The feeling for her husband died out quite quickly, already in the first half of the 1970s. All because of Tomasz Miernowski, who she met on the set of Jerzy Antczak’s cult films, where she played the role of Olesia Chrobotówna. During a party to celebrate the start of filming, she noticed that the handsome production manager was not in a good mood. She shyly took the first step, asking him to dance, and although he agreed, that was all. Then he even avoided her like the plague for some time, but finally he had the courage to start a conversation again, and from word to word they became a couple.

Dałkowska did not intend to delay the separation from her husband and in the breaks between recordings she went to Katowice, where they lived at that time, to complete the formalities related to . – I never returned to our house. That was the end, she said. Her father, a respected lawyer, was not happy with her decision, but accepted it, contrary to the information that she did not intend to marry a new partner. – I went for a long walk with him and told him I didn’t want to get married. A few days later I received a money order to cover the wedding costs. We had no choice – she recalled the moment when she and Miernowski were almost pushed against the wall. Like it or not, they got married, and soon their son Ksawery was born.

Who is Ewa Dałkowska’s husband? It was with him that she got married after 40 years of relationship

Even though she argued that taking an oath in front of the altar was not her dream, after more than 30 years of living together, everything unexpectedly changed. – For 40 years, my husband and I had only a civil wedding, until suddenly I wanted to return to the Church. I confessed, took communion and believed again, she said in an interview for . The annulment of the first wedding was not the easiest thing, but in the end it was a success. – Marriages are made in heaven. A civil wedding is just a dummy, she explained. Thus, on the 40th anniversary of their civil wedding, Dałkowska and Miernowski again swore undying love and fidelity to each other, but this time before God. If you feel like it, vote in our poll below.

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