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When is season 4?  “Bridgertons” will put viewers to the test.  We know who will definitely return in the new episodes

When is season 4? “Bridgertons” will put viewers to the test. We know who will definitely return in the new episodes

When is season 4?  “Bridgertons” will put viewers to the test.  We know who will definitely return in the new episodes

Only recently – on June 13 – Netflix showed the end of the third series, and viewers are already asking when the 4th season will be released. Unfortunately, “Bridgertons” is a production whose episodes are being created at a rather slow pace.

“Bridgertons” debuted on December 25, 2020. So far, we have seen three seasons and “Queen Charlotte” – a production about the youth of the ruler, Lady Bridgerton and Lady Dunbury. Each series was a huge hit, so it’s not surprising that there are quick questions about when the fourth season will be released. However, “Bridgertons” will not return anytime soon.

When is season 4? “The Bridgertons” won’t be back for another two years, but we already know something

“We’re working to get the seasons out faster, but they take eight months to shoot, then they have to be edited and then dubbed into all the languages,” Jess Brownell told The Hollywood Reporter during the British premiere of the latest episodes. – Writing also takes a lot of time, so we’re moving at the pace of two years. We are trying to accelerate, but we are somewhere in that range, she added. Therefore, the next episodes of “Bridgerton” are not scheduled to appear until 2026. – We are approaching the end of work in the writers’ room. “I feel like this is one of my best scripts,” Brownell says.

It is known that Nicola Coughlan and Luke Newton, i.e. Penelepa and Colin Bridgerton, are to return in the fourth season, although their love story has not been told. Unfortunately, this is not the case for several other actors. It’s unclear whether Jessica Madsen will return as Cressida Cowper, not to mention Simone Ashley and Jonathan Bailey as Kate and Anthony Bridgerton. It’s also likely that this was the last time we heard Julie Andrews’ voice as Lady Whistledown.

So what does Brownell say about the third season?

Although the latest episodes of Netflix’s production focus primarily on the story of Penelope and Colin, we also observe the relationship between Francesca and Lord Kilmartin, and the interest that Violet Bridgerton and Lord Anderson have in each other. “The theme of this season is finding your true self, and I think that’s something you’ll see in almost every storyline,” Brownell told Deadline. She also gave some hint about the next episodes. -Since the older siblings have moved away and gotten married… we want to make sure the Bridgerton living room is still full. So we thought it was time to bring some of the younger siblings to the forefront.

We will definitely see Francesca again. In the last episode (spoilers!) we meet her husband’s cousin, Michaela Killmartin. And this is an important – and surprising – meeting. In the books, Lord Killmartin, unfortunately, dies shortly after the wedding, and Franceska remarries. Her chosen one is his cousin Michael Killmartin. One of the biggest twists in the series is the writers’ decision to bend Francesca’s love story along gender lines. Bronwnell insists that was the plan from the beginning.

– When I read the book, as a queer woman, I really identified with it. This may not have been Julia Quinn’s intention, but a large part of Francesca’s story is about feeling different from her family and the world around her, even though she doesn’t really know why, the screenwriter explains. – I think the book is mainly about being an introvert. However, for many queer people, it can be reminiscent of a time in their youth when they too may have felt different. So such a gender change seemed natural, she adds.

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