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Taylor Swift shook the earth in Europe, literally!  Geologists are shocked

Taylor Swift shook the earth in Europe, literally! Geologists are shocked

Taylor Swift shook the earth in Europe, literally!  Geologists are shocked

Taylor Swift’s last concerts in the capital of Scotland will be remembered for a really long time. Not only by the artist’s fans, but also by the inhabitants of Edinburgh. It turned out that the crowd during three concerts was so euphoric that an earthquake occurred! Geologists even indicated which song and on which day they recorded the highest readings.

Last weekend was extremely exciting for Taylor Swift’s fans and the artist herself. The singer is on her international tour “The Eras Tour”, during which she played three concerts in Edinburgh, where the attendance record for the entire tour was broken. A total of 220,000 people attended the event over three days, for which the artist thanked her fans on Instagram.

Taylor Swift’s concerts caused an earthquake! Readings were detected up to six kilometers from the stadium

There was also an incident during performances in the capital of Scotland, but now it turns out that Taylor Swift’s concerts also moved the residents of the nearby Murrayfield Stadium. According to , which cites data (British Geological Survey, BGS), fans enjoying the star’s concerts literally set the earth in motion.

According to data provided by geologists, the earthquake readings were detected almost four miles (6.4 km) from the stadium where Taylor Swift performed for three nights on Friday, Saturday and Sunday as part of “The Eras Tour”. Monitoring stations across the city recorded activity during all three performances. The BGS statement reads:

Each of the three nights followed a similar seismographic pattern, with the performances of ‘…Ready For It?’, ‘Cruel Summer’ and ‘Champagne Problems’ seeing the greatest seismic activity each night.

It was the biggest concert in Scottish history! The crowd generated power like a dozen batteries

However, analysis of seismographic data shows that the “most enthusiastic dance” took place on Friday, June 7. “Though the crowds produced significant readings each night,” the release continued. The greatest activity was achieved when the crowd danced to the song “…Ready For It?”. According to the organization, they managed to transmit about 80 kW of power, which is the value of about 10-16 car batteries.

Seismologist Callum Harrison wrote on the BGS website: “It’s amazing that we were able to remotely measure the response of thousands of concertgoers using our data. It was exciting to be able to study the seismic activity caused by this type of phenomenon.” However, according to data provided by the stadium owner, 73,000 people took part in the event on the first night. fans, which is tantamount to gaining the title of the largest stadium concert in the history of Scotland.

Source: Gazeta

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