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I always have a bag of rice in the fridge.  The popular problem no longer concerns me

I always have a bag of rice in the fridge. The popular problem no longer concerns me

I always have a bag of rice in the fridge.  The popular problem no longer concerns me

Moisture in the refrigerator may cause food to spoil faster. Condensing water creates an ideal environment for the growth of certain bacteria and molds. So we tell you how to get rid of it. Thanks to these tricks you will do it cheaply, quickly and effectively.

Moisture in the refrigerator can be easily noticed. Not only does it settle on products, creating water droplets, but it also contributes to an unpleasant odor. Therefore, it is worth discovering the cause of its formation and learning brilliant ways to get rid of it from the refrigerator once and for all.

Why is it humid in the refrigerator? Check what could be causing this

Keeping it clean is not always an easy task. Even if we store food in appropriate packaging and regularly wipe the inside with a cloth, moisture may appear. Taking into account that it is not a matter of any device failure or leaking seals, the fault is most often due to improper use of the refrigerator.

If you put too many products in it or leave the door open for a long time while selecting food, water may condense. Putting hot or warm food in the fridge is also unfavorable.

ADVICE! Never place a refrigerator next to a stove or oven. This location of the device may also cause water condensation in the refrigerator.

Refrigerator (illustrative photo) Why does water collect in the refrigerator? How to clean the water drain in the refrigerator? Photo BEATA ZIEMOWSKA/ Agencja

How to get rid of moisture from the refrigerator? This will keep your food fresh for longer

The hygroscopic properties of some products will allow us to successfully fight moisture in the refrigerator. You keep most of them in the kitchen cabinet and their cost does not exceed a few zlotys. Below you will find three products that will help you control water condensation.

  1. Rice. It perfectly absorbs water during cooking, so it can also be used as a moisture absorber. Just place the bag of raw product on the middle shelf in the refrigerator and replace it every few days.
  2. Baking soda. Just a few spoons poured into a bowl will perfectly absorb water droplets. Additionally, it will act as a neutralizer of unpleasant odors.
  3. Halves of lemons. The cut fruit placed on the shelves absorbs moisture perfectly. Additionally, it gives the interior a pleasant scent. However, remember that the lemon should be thrown away after a few days. If it collects too much water, it will start to mold and the effect will be the opposite of what was intended.

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