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Jolanta Fajkowska summarized TVP.  Bitter words

Jolanta Fajkowska summarized TVP. Bitter words

Jolanta Fajkowska summarized TVP.  Bitter words

Jolanta Fajkowska is watching Polish Television today from a distance. He has a lot of thoughts about what is happening with TVP.

Jolanta Fajkowska spent many years of her life on Polish Television. Even though today she is already working for a private, competitive station and has left it far behind, she still observes what is happening in the public media for professional reasons. There are no very optimistic conclusions.

Jolanta Fajkowska sadly talks about TVP programs

Jolanta Fajkowska hosts the “Peace Pipe” program on Polsat Cafe. The journalist, in her own, calm style, takes part in a talk show in contrast to what has recently become a standard on television, in which arguments and shows have replaced ordinary discussions. she admitted that she looks at Polish Television today with sadness:

I look at her with great sadness, because I know that what happened will never come back. You can pour huge amounts of money into this institution and you will not achieve a satisfactory effect. Other stations have taken over the center of gravity. Polish Television has become one of many, and not the leading ones at that. The programs look so amateurish. Examples can be expected from public television, for example in the way the conversation is shown. But everything is moving forward, so let’s not complain, sentiment will not make the station better. Everything was already there, on TV too, she said.

A few years earlier, in an interview with Plejada, she admitted that when she started working in the media, the world of television was much more simple. “There were fewer channels and the journalist had more influence. Today everyone is fighting with each other and trying to get ahead,” she said. At TVP, she was mainly responsible for editorial work related to culture and art – she went to festivals and conducted numerous interviews with international stars. She left Polish Television for private stations – she appears not only on Polsat Cafe, but also on radio stations. He teaches the profession of beginner journalists at the Social Academy of Sciences.

Source: Gazeta

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