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Pol’and’Rock fans were furious with the new announcement.  “Martyniuk again”, “chills of embarrassment”, “kitsch festival”

Pol’and’Rock fans were furious with the new announcement. “Martyniuk again”, “chills of embarrassment”, “kitsch festival”

Pol’and’Rock fans were furious with the new announcement.  “Martyniuk again”, “chills of embarrassment”, “kitsch festival”

The 30th edition of Pol’and’Rock Festival is fast approaching. This year’s festival line-up arouses great emotions. The next band that will appear at Jurek Owsiak’s party aroused great controversy.

“We hear your voices, make dreams come true and break conventions!” – we read on the festival website. “Ich Troje has been winning the hearts of fans for almost 30 years! Today, the band consists of Michał Wiśniewski, Jacek Łągwa and Ania Świątczak. Despite the passage of time, Ich Troje has not lost any of its concert energy and charisma. They are still able to captivate crowds and provide the audience with incredible emotions. Don’t miss this opportunity and get ready for a dose of nostalgia, joy and dance rhythms on the Small Stage of the Most Beautiful Festival in the World! – add the organizers.

Three of them at the Pol’and”Rock Festival. Fans of the event are outraged

Wiśniewski syndrome is an undeniable phenomenon. This is probably the only Polish group in history that has achieved a status in Poland similar to foreign celebrities. The band’s leader even had his own show, in which he agreed to install cameras in his home. “I am what I am” was watched by an average of 4.4 million viewers.

The organizers’ decision is hardly surprising, everyone knows Ich troje’s songs, and the success of Majka Jeżowska’s performance in Kostrzyn nad Odrą only confirmed that focusing on the nostalgia of millennials in the selection of musicians at the festival works. In the comments under the post about expanding the line-up of the 30th edition of Pol’and’Rock, fans of the event were divided. Many people are happy that they will be able to sing along to long-unheard hits, but many people are once again outraged.

Pol’and’Rock fans were furious with the new announcement. “Hello Harvest Festival of Kitsch”

“April 1 was a while ago”, “Another Zenek Martyniuk”, “Opole is more rock”, “The shivers of embarrassment”, “Everything is going in a very bad direction”, “30th edition and such poverty.”, “RIP Woodstock” , “Welcome, Harvest Festival of Kitsch” – sound embittered voices. It is worth adding here that this is not the first announcement of the Pol’and”rock Festival, which this year has been met with very negative reactions.

A similar thing happened when Paktofonika joined the line-up. Hip-hop has been present at Owsiak’s event for years, yet many commentators announced the end of the festival as they knew it.

Pol’and’Rock Festival 2024 will take place on August 1-3. The stages will again be erected at the Czaplinek-Boryczno airport, where the event has been held for several years. The announced stars of the event included: Flogging Molly, T.Love, Guano Apes, Flapjack, Clawfinger, Sick Of It All, CelKilt, Motionless in White, Electric Callboy, Myrath, Kasia Kowalska, The Warning, Less Than Jake, MEUTE, Modestep , Enej, Orchestra of Adult Children, Paktofonika Live Band, Mery Spolsky, Zenek Kupatasa, Coma, Transgresja, Krzysztof Sokołowski, Rotting Christ and Michael Patrick Kelly.

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