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Arkadiusz Tomiak is dead.  The 55-year-old cameraman was going to the festival

Arkadiusz Tomiak is dead. The 55-year-old cameraman was going to the festival

Arkadiusz Tomiak, a versatile and talented Polish cinematographer, died in a car accident near Tuchola. We owe the photos for the most recent Polish war films (“Red Poppies”), as well as the most important productions of earlier years – “Symetria” and “Palimpsest” to him.

Arkadiusz Tomiak is dead. The 55-year-old cameraman died on Monday in a car accident – as “Rzeczpospolita” reports, he was going to the “Youth and Film” festival in his hometown of Koszalin when a BMW hit his car, pushing it under a truck.

Cinematographer Arkadiusz Tomiak is dead

Arkadiusz Tomiak was born in Koszalin and at the age of 30 he started winning the first most important film awards in Poland. He received Golden Frogs from the CameraImage festival, awards from the Polish Feature Film Festival in Gdynia, and was nominated several times for Eagles, which he finally received for “Karbala”.

The organizers of the last awards announced the death of the operator, but also, among others, Joanna Kos-Krauze, who now remembers him on social media:

I remember everything. When you lay down with pillows on your head and said: “Wait a minute, I’ll think of something”, I remember our holidays, your eel deliveries and your warmth. And the light in your films. And eyes. There are no words, only light – wrote the director.

Arek conjured up fog, a downpour, and made the interior of the Palace look grotesque when the mood of the feast required it. Working with Arkadiusz was a great joy and honor. Above all, he was a wonderful man – writes Jan Bończa Szabłowski.

Arkadiusz Tomiak has worked on many of the most important Polish productions in recent years. He started with the films of Jan Jakub Kolski (“Szabla od commandant”, “A Wonderful Place”), and in 2000 he received an award at the festival in Gdynia for “Far from the Window”. We owe him “Symetria”, “Palimpsest”, “Oława”, “Karbala”, “Pilecki’s Report”, “Legions” and this year’s “Red Poppies”. He also willingly worked on popular Polish series: “Na dobre i na evil” and “Na Wspólnej”. He was considered one of the most talented young cinematographers in Poland, over the last 20 years he worked on a total of about 150 productions.

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