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Not Croatia and Zanzibar.  This is number one of this year’s holidays.  Poles are attracted not only by the price

Not Croatia and Zanzibar. This is number one of this year’s holidays. Poles are attracted not only by the price

More and more Poles plan their holidays in advance, even several months before the holiday. According to data from the Polish Chamber of Tourism, this year it concerns a record number of Poles. Where are we going on vacation in 2024?

The Polish Chamber of Tourism presented data on how Poles book and plan their holidays this year. They show that the number of reservations already made is 15-20 percent higher. higher than last year. The number of people planning a holiday outside Poland is also record-breaking. This applies to over 5 million Poles. What are our holiday plans?

Where are we going on holiday in 2024? This country is the most popular

According to data from the Polish Chamber, we most often plan holidays in Greece, Croatia and, above all, in Turkey. This is where we make most of our reservations in travel agencies and hotels. – Turkey has been fighting with Greece for the top spot for several years, but currently number one is Turkey – explained the vice-president of the Polish Chamber of Tourism, Piotr Henicz, in an interview. The popularity of Turkey is mainly due to its lower prices compared to other popular destinations, although attractions are also important. and ease of finding an offer. Apart from Turkey, Egypt, Spain, the Canary Islands, Italy, but also the more “exotic” Oman and Zanzibar are also popular.

Piotr Henicz also admitted that once again it promises to be a record year, and even more expensive trips do not stop Poles from planning holidays abroad. On average, we will pay approximately PLN 4,000-5,000 for a week’s stay at the resort. zloty. However, this applies to one person.

Most Poles will spend the long weekend in Italy. Photo Łukasz Cynalewski / Agencja

Where do Poles spend their holidays? Spain and Italy lead the way

A similar analysis, but regarding traveling by plane, is also available on In this case, however, the data are slightly different. It shows that our favorite destination this year is Spain, including the Costa del Sol, the Canary Islands, Majorca and Ibiza. Italy came second, and Great Britain came third. Greece is only in fourth place, Turkey, on the other hand, did not even make it to the top 10. However, according to’s analysis, it was Turkey that recorded the highest increase in popularity. If you feel like it, vote in our poll below.

Source: Gazeta

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