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An absurd mistake on Radio ZET.  “Your old man” asked the minister a question

An absurd mistake on Radio ZET. “Your old man” asked the minister a question

Bogdan Rymanowski’s guest in the program on Radio ZET was the Minister of Digital Affairs, Krzysztof Gawkowski. Some of the questions for the politician were prepared by Internet users – including “your old man”, which caused a wave of uncontrollable laughter from both men.

Thursday’s broadcast “Guest of Radio ZET”, hosted by Bogdan Rymanowski, concerned cybersecurity issues. Krzysztof Gawkowski, Minister of Digital Affairs, was invited to the studio. The politician explained extensively why some matters in the government take more time, others – the less complicated ones – less, and what we must watch out for in the coming weeks before the European Parliament elections. There was also an obligatory element of the program, i.e. questions from Internet users.

A mishap on Radio ZET. “Your Old Man” asks the minister a question

Questions from Internet users are anonymous, but before they are asked on the air, Bogdan Rymanowski says who their author is. According to netiquette, people who ask questions use pseudonyms. One of them took Minister Gawkowski by surprise:

“Your old man,” Rymanowski said

My dad? – replied the slightly astonished guest.

No, “Twój Stary” is our listener’s nickname. People have imagination! – added Rymanowski, seeing the reaction of Gawkowski, who was struggling to hold back his laughter. – Are you planning to ban TikTok in Poland? Please have a sip of tea and water and I will wait for your answer.

Minister Gawkowski collected himself for a moment before he managed to choke out an answer:

I don’t plan and my dad is dead. But seriously…

It turns out that the Minister of Digital Affairs has recommended to his employees not to install the Chinese application TikTok on their work devices, which some European countries and the United States are considering blocking. TikTok is widely considered to be an application that spys and collects data about its users, which the Chinese government will later use. Not all of its technical secrets are known – it is not known whether, apart from collecting data, the application would collect secret data that may be located on officials’ business phones.

Source: Gazeta

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