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“Why these filters?”  Confusion under Skrzynecka’s photo.  The actress couldn’t stand it and replied

“Why these filters?” Confusion under Skrzynecka’s photo. The actress couldn’t stand it and replied

Katarzyna Skrzynecka shared a family photo on Instagram, in which she posed with her husband, daughter and dog. One of the Internet users drew attention to the photo processing. The star quickly replied.

Katarzyna Skrzynecka is a famous actress, singer, composer, lyricist and television personality, very popular among viewers. participation in many television programs. She was a participant and host of “Dancing with the Stars” and won the first edition of the show “Your Face Sounds Familiar”. She later sat on the show’s jury.

Katarzyna Skrzynecka with her daughter and husband. They posed for a photo to celebrate the dog’s birthday

Skrzynecka is extremely active on social media, where she shares with her fans not only behind the scenes of her professional life, but also everyday moments. The actress has almost 230,000 followers on her Instagram profile. The star and her loved ones celebrated the dog’s birthday, for which she organized a party and a meat cake. She also decided to pose for a photo with her loved ones. She published the family frame on her profile.

Dog birthday. Health! This is what we wish him the most, because he needs it the most. Lovi is a brave guy, but if it weren’t for the help of wonderful doctors […] perhaps he would no longer be with us today. Medicine sometimes works miracles, plus very good medicines that will accompany him forever – the most important thing is that they help. Thank you that Lovi can enjoy life in a family that loves him with all her heart. May we live in good shape, long and happily, with love and a cold meat cake on our plate.

The Internet user noticed the filters that were applied to the photo. Skrzynecka replied

Skrzynecka’s post was full of comments. In the avalanche of warm words wishing the pet good health, there were also people who noticed something else. One of the Internet users suggested that the actress retouched the photo too much.

Mrs. Kasia, you are so cool and beautiful, why these filters?

You didn’t have to wait long for the interested party’s response. The star denied that there was any beauty filter in the photo. Skrzynecka revealed that she used parameters in the graphics program that changed, among others: light.

Snapseed=? contrast +16, color saturation +12, 3D image plasticity +16. These exact graphic filter parameters were used for the photo taken against the light.

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