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Jennifer Lopez posed in a transparent outfit.  Cleavage?  Right up to the navel!  “Oh my God”

Jennifer Lopez posed in a transparent outfit. Cleavage? Right up to the navel! “Oh my God”

Jennifer Lopez delights more and more with her appearance and figure each year. Shapely legs, slender arms, flat stomach… The singer knows perfectly well how to leave her fans amazed. Now she has shared photos in which she posed in a transparent outfit with a deep neckline. Comments poured in under the post: “How is this possible?”

In 2011, Jennifer Lopez was hailed as the most beautiful woman in the world, and a year later she was recognized as the most influential star. She is followed by over 252 million people on Instagram, and the photos she publishes regularly receive compliments from fans who are impressed with the shape of the 54-year-old star.

Jennifer Lopez is bold in her styling with a deep neckline

Recently, Jennifer Lopez once again caused a stir on Instagram. This time, the star shared a post with photos and a short video in which she posed in a transparent outfit with ruffles and a deep neckline, exposing her legs.

“How much more filler?” – one person wrote sarcastically. “Fillers? She’s one of the most natural actresses,” another replied. “Even if she uses fillers and doesn’t admit to using them, she can afford to look however she wants. And honestly, it always looks tasteful,” added another. There were also many other comments under the post from Internet users: “Goddess”, “Oh my God”, “What a beauty”, “How is it possible that you are an increasingly hotter and more beautiful woman?”, “This woman is not from this world!!!

Jennifer Lopez’s Marriage Problems?

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck met in 2001. When she announced her divorce from her second husband in 2002 and she and Affleck began appearing in public, they quickly became one of the most popular couples in Hollywood. Despite a wedding on the horizon, they broke up suddenly in 2004. They gave themselves another chance after many years, and they said the sacramental “yes” on July 16, 2022 in Las Vegas, in secret and away from the media. The second, lavish wedding took place a month later, on August 20, at Ben Affleck’s estate and reportedly lasted three days.

Less than two years have passed since Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s wedding, and the media is already full of rumors about the crisis in their relationship. “Jen and Ben are having problems in their marriage,” reports Us Weekly. “Most of the time they are on two completely different pages.” According to reports reported by Page Six, Jennifer Garner is “encouraging” Ben Affleck (her ex-husband) to “work on his marriage” with Jennifer Lopez.

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