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It is easy to confuse it with celery.  It is a highly poisonous plant.  After 20 minutes, the first symptoms appear

It is easy to confuse it with celery. It is a highly poisonous plant. After 20 minutes, the first symptoms appear

This plant is common in Poland. You can see it in summer, but you should be very careful because it is highly poisonous. Symptoms of poisoning resemble alcohol intoxication, but it contains such a dose of poison that it can lead to death.

The venomous hemlock, also known as the hemlock, is a perennial of the Apiaceae species. It is common in Asia, Europe and North America. It looks innocent, but it contains poison that was used in ancient times to carry out death sentences.

Is the crayfish poisonous? Be careful with this plant. She is very dangerous

It most often grows in wet areas, along the banks of rivers and lakes, as well as in peat bogs or swamps. It can be found from June to September. It is characterized by white flowers gathered in umbels and a long stem that is hollow inside. All parts of the plant are poisonous, but the most toxic are the stem and rhizomes.

Crazy venomous Rampant venomous, istock/@Iuliia Petrovskaia

Hemlock contains something called cicutotoxin. It is nothing more than polysaturated alcohol, otherwise known as spasmodic venom. Contact with the toxin causes paralysis of the nervous system, and the first symptoms of poisoning appear after 20 minutes. The plant causes salivation, nausea, vomiting, loss of consciousness, burning in the mouth and dilated pupils. Over time, the poison stimulates the brain center and causes paralysis of the vagus nerve, and then prevents breathing, which quickly leads to death. If you suspect poisoning, contact an emergency medical service as soon as possible.

What does a venomous craze look like? It is easy to confuse it with edible plants

Crayfish poisoning occurs after eating the plant. The scent of hemlock is sweet and spicy, which is easy to confuse with wild carrots, celery and parsnips.

The venomous crayfish should not be picked with bare hands; if removal is necessary, it should be done with gloves because the toxin can penetrate even intact skin.

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