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This is how Boczarska and Banasiuk arranged a two-level apartment.  Not only the view from the windows is breathtaking

This is how Boczarska and Banasiuk arranged a two-level apartment. Not only the view from the windows is breathtaking

Magdalena Boczarska’s relationship with Mateusz Banasiuk has been blooming for a decade. Although they are considered one of the most beautiful couples in domestic show business, they rarely appear in the spotlight together, and they spend their free time from work in the comfort of their own apartment in Warsaw’s Praga district. How did they arrange their apartment?

is undoubtedly one of the most popular actresses in Poland. “Little Rose”, “In Hiding” and “The Art of Loving. The Story of Michalina Wisłocka” are just a few excellent productions from her considerable artistic achievements. In her private life, she found happiness with her husband, with whom she had a son. Although their relationship was controversial from the beginning, today they are considered one of the most beautiful couples in the industry. How did they meet?

Boczarska is 7 years older than Banasiuk. They have been together for a decade

Their acquaintance began in 2014 at the Toronto festival, during which she was promoting the film “In Hiding” and he was promoting “Floating Skyscrapers”. – This is how we found each other – about the first meeting with our beloved. They quickly found a common ground, but for a long time they remained just friends, as the actress had just ended a stormy relationship with her husband. – Back then, I was closed to new relationships because I thought my life satisfied me and I didn’t want to change anything in it – she said in “Pani”.

However, they were constantly drawn to each other, and frequent meetings made them stay. When this news reached the media, few people believed it, because Boczarska is 7 years older than Banasiuk, which was initially embarrassing for her too. – I hesitated for a long time. I had a problem that he was younger. I didn’t know if I could afford this relationship, she recalled, adding that public opinion was merciless. – What was I afraid of? Maybe simply in the world of what people will say. It’s not nice when they constantly remind you that you are older than him, that your biological clock is ticking, she said.

Boczarska and Banasiuk have a two-level apartment in the capital. This is what its interior looks like

After 3 years of relationship, the couple decided to expand their family. In 2017, their firstborn son Henryk was born. In the meantime, they decided to move to a larger place so that everyone would have their own space and room to develop.

The duplex at Boczarska and Banasiuk is located in a luxurious building in Warsaw’s Praga district. Its interiors are decorated in a modern, loft style. It is dominated by light colors, mainly white, gray and beige, with plenty of natural light that enters through the panoramic windows in the living room.

In the center of the room there are large, comfortable sofas and a large bookcase. On the shelves, apart from books, you can also see various trinkets and prestigious awards received over the years. Modern accessories are complemented by vintage furniture, which adds a unique atmosphere to the whole, and the walls are decorated with paintings and stucco.

The spacious kitchen is also very impressive. There is wood on the floor and the furniture is in shades of gray. The whole is complemented by concrete elements and marble decorations. In the middle there is a large island with a coffee machine. More photos of Mateusz Banasiuk and Magdalena Boczarska can be found in our gallery. If you feel like it, vote in our poll below.

Source: Gazeta

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