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Kuna played in the series directed by the director of “Furioza”: I would play everything for him in every possible situation

Kuna played in the series directed by the director of “Furioza”: I would play everything for him in every possible situation

Kuna played in the series directed by the director of “Furioza”: I would play everything for him in every possible situation

– I immediately liked the script very much, and I liked my role even more, because I had never played one like the one I got from Cyprian Olencki. I am fit, I exercise a lot, but none of my previous roles have required such an effort from me – says Izabela Kuna in an interview with about her participation in the series “Simple Matter”.

“A Simple Matter” is the latest crime series created by Cyprian Olencki, who is well known to viewers from the famous film “Furioza”. This time, the filmmaker adapted the novel and took care of both the script and directing. The cast includes some famous names: the main and again very surprising role is played by Piotr Adamczyk as an exceptionally nasty gangster, and Maciej Musiał also has a few minutes as a member of an organized criminal group. Izabela Kuna presents herself to viewers in a new version, and we managed to talk to her about the latest production, as well as, among others, about how she feels as a film producer and what she likes most about working with Adam Woronowicz and

Iza Kuna: I don’t believe that a bad script will turn into a good film

Justyna Bryczkowska: How did your adventure with “A Simple Matter” begin? They called and said “we have a role, please come”, or was there a casting and you had to compete with someone a bit?

Izabela Kuna: I didn’t have to compete with anyone. I know Cyprian [Olenckim, reżyserem “Prostej sprawy” –] for a long time, so I got this role after acquaintance. We met during the first recruitment of students to Andrzej Wajda’s film school: I played in their short films and that’s how my adventure with Cyprian began. Then I appeared for him in “PolandJi”, and now he asked me to play in this series. So I didn’t have an audition, but, as you can see, I have the director’s trust, which is reciprocated. I saw “Furioza”, which made a great impression on me. I remember leaving the Kinoteka at night around 11 p.m. after the screening and immediately calling him to say that it was an excellent film. Afterwards, I told everyone that it was an excellent film.

What do you, as a viewer or reader, expect from a good crime story and did you find it in “A Simple Case”?

At the level of the script and work with the director, I have definitely found what I am looking for in cinema: a story that draws me in and is unpredictable, original dialogues, credible characters and sincerity understood as the fact that the creators do not try anything, but focus on on telling a true story. I always like and appreciate that, regardless of the genre.

I immediately liked the script very much, and I liked my role even more, because I had never played one like the one Cyprian gave me. I’m fit, I exercise a lot, but none of my previous roles have required this much effort from me. I’ve never shot before. I was always afraid of playing with guns, I didn’t like shooting ranges. I had an aversion to such sports, and here I had to take a course because I had stunt scenes. I have never taken part in such a production, so it was a very big challenge for me. There were a lot of emotions related to this, all of which will be explained in the next episodes.

True, I’ve only seen one scene so far where you’re holding a shotgun, so I’m glad you mentioned that you did stunt scenes. What did the preparations look like for them?

They were long because I had to not only learn how to shoot, but also look like someone who had been handling guns since I was a child. These photos were difficult and demanding for me in some respects, but above all, moving. I hope that the show will be like that for the viewer as well. I had to face my body, my physicality and the strong emotions accompanying these scenes, it was a big challenge for me. I don’t want to reveal too much, but in “Furioza” Cyprian didn’t give a damn about anything, and I think that in “Simple Matter” he goes even further in these truly brutal but also moving scenes.

It’s great that you mention it, because I just wanted to ask what it’s like to work with Cyprian Olencki. What do you like most about this cooperation?

Cyprian is very decisive and consistent. I like him very much and I think he likes me too, so we can afford a lot. We never argue, but we have different opinions, which we verify while working. He is focused and has carefully developed his position on the set. There is no other way to be a director. He doesn’t allow himself to be weak and I think that’s good.

He always smiles when I have something to say that he doesn’t necessarily agree with. And then he achieves what he wants to achieve very effectively, he approaches me from different angles. Then I’m surprised that I usually do what I’m told. I’m always very curious about what he came up with. I guess he just has a way with me and knows how to handle all these matters with me.

If he said now that he would like you to play the lead role in an action movie, what would your answer be?

I would do anything for Cyprian in any possible situation.

I was wondering if you, as an actress and author of the book “Klara”, which was also adapted by TVN, now approach acting in film adaptations of other people’s works differently? Does this somehow change your sensitivity to the text?

I’ve been playing foreign stuff for 30 years, so I don’t have a problem with it at all. If I did, I’d be an idiot and couldn’t do this job. The fact that I produced my book as an actress and as a producer is an additional attraction for me, but also hard work in which I learned a lot and I still don’t stop.

When you get something that is really great, you immediately feel happy and have a feeling of “wow”. If I don’t like the text very much and there is a moment where something could be changed, I of course try to talk about it. But unfortunately it often happens that we receive scripts that are still unfinished. They’re made hastily, so they’re weak or really bad. And when, for example, as an actress I don’t want to play in it, I hear: “It will change on the set.” I don’t believe in such things anymore.

I don’t believe that a bad script will turn into a good movie. It can happen, but it is such a rare accident at work. Considering how many things I did and didn’t act in only confirms this. I don’t take part in projects that look suspicious from the very beginning, because they are either not finished or are constantly being improved. And this, of course, closes my range of scenarios in this country. But it’s difficult, I will wait for those that are ready and that are good, or that can be improved before the shooting starts. “Klara” was ready, it’s an excellent script by Marek Modzelewski.

How was it here?

The script for “A Simple Thing” was already ready when I got it. Besides, I like rehearsals, they tell me a lot about the project. Reading the script together verifies certain things. It so happens that Cyprian is also the author of the script, so during the rehearsal he already heard what works and what doesn’t. He was ready for change.

I won’t ask which script, in your opinion, was spoiled at later stages of work, because I’m also interested in how you found your role as a film producer and whether this is something you would like to continue?

This will sound immodest, but I found myself very comfortable as a producer. I just like learning and I’m curious about the world. If I don’t know something, I learn. Or if someone can do something better than me, I’m happy to pay for them to help me. With the series “Klara”, I was lucky that all my ideas were really taken into account, not to mention that they were part of this project. Everything I imagined was carefully worked through, shown, proven and accepted. I know things like this don’t happen often. So perhaps my first job as a producer was unique.

Marta Grela and TVN not only gave me a free hand, but also wanted to work with me at every stage of the production. And most importantly: they seem satisfied. I am happy and proud of this project. On the set, I was just an actress and I couldn’t imagine it being any other way. I did everything that Łukasz Jaworski wanted and what was planned earlier during rehearsals. The rest was developed by me and the entire crew before the shooting and then during the post-production stage. I’m also talking about promotional and image-related things here. I really like it and I would like to do another thing one day, even just as a producer. So maybe someday…

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this. Now I will have a rather frivolous question. Adam Woronowicz has been sneaking across the screen with you in various configurations in recent years. So I would like to take this opportunity to ask whether he is a better screen husband or lover?

Adaś is as good a husband as he is a lover. Adam has a great gift within him. He is a brilliant actor, an extremely sensitive person and a fantastic friend. We have already rolled over beds many times, just like with Piotrek Adamczyk. These are really great boys – I mean boys specifically – and I would like to congratulate them on working with them all my life. It’s not like Adaś and Piotrek call each other every day or once a month. But each of our meetings is unique. Adam has so much wit that he can make me laugh in any situation. I love being with him, but the work moment is always the most important and there is no joke there. Unless they are written into the text. He is great to work with and spend time with.

I have always been very fond of company. Believe me, even if there was a great script and company that didn’t suit me at all, I wouldn’t take part in it. I don’t want to bother on set anymore. Adam totally touches me and when I read the letters after “Klara” and “In-Laws”, almost all the women write that they love him. Adam is both funny and shockingly tragic and touching.

Same for Peter. What he did in “A Simple Matter” was truly chapeau bass. I looked at it with great pleasure. I have a lot of really shocking scenes with Piotrek. I can’t talk too much about them before the premiere, but they cost me a lot. This journey with the boys continues and I hope it will last as long as possible. Moreover, my students, Magda Wieczorek and Mateusz Więcławek, also appear in “Simple Matter”. They were in my first year when I started working as a teacher in Łódź. In general, I have a lot of such sentimental journeys with this project, after all, Cyprian also started with me at school.

It’s great that you mentioned this, because I’m curious, what do you emphasize when you meet with students? What should a young actor know at the very beginning?

For me, it is extremely important when I meet my colleagues, actors or directors, who say that they have just worked with my students and that they are fantastic. In addition to the fact that I care very much about truth in all its dimensions, I place great emphasis on the elementary things that every actor and actress must follow: respect themselves, their work and others, they cannot be late, they must be professional in what they do. , prepared, good to themselves and others. And they have to fight for themselves. I tried to support them, show them different ways of development, and give them tools for their future work. I wanted them to believe in what they were doing. I am always happy when I meet my students on the set.

You don’t treat them like students anymore?

Every time I have new students, I tell them that in a moment they will be, or actually already are, my colleagues. I meet many of them very quickly on the set or in the theater. For me, it doesn’t matter at all whether the actor is still in school or has just finished school. I will say more: there was a great discussion about whether an actor should finish school or not to act. For me, a person who comes to the set must behave as if he were on the set. Must be prepared and professional. I’ve actually worked with a lot of people who graduated from high school and did terrible behavior, and others who didn’t finish school and were excellent. Therefore, for me it doesn’t matter whether someone is in the first or second year. I meet them on set as if I were their friend. So much.

Series “A Simple Matter” can be watched from May 17 on CANAL+ PREMIUM and CANAL+ online.

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