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A film with Demi Moore received an 11-minute standing ovation in Cannes.  “A disgusting masterpiece”

A film with Demi Moore received an 11-minute standing ovation in Cannes. “A disgusting masterpiece”

A film with Demi Moore received an 11-minute standing ovation in Cannes.  “A disgusting masterpiece”

The “disgusting” horror film starring Demi Moore arouses extremely extreme emotions during the ongoing Cannes film festival. “The Substance”, about a fallen Hollywood star, received the longest standing ovation so far. Moreover, the 61-year-old actress appears naked in it, which also shocked some moviegoers.

Before the start of this year’s edition of the Cannes Film Festival, there was talk that the event might take place in the shadow of a sex scandal involving renowned French filmmakers. However, so far the biggest sensation was caused by the screening of the film “The Substance” directed by Coralie Fargeat, which so far received the longest standing ovation. The audience applauded the production for 11 minutes.

The latest film with Demi Moore arouses extreme emotions. “A bold and insanely disgusting masterpiece”

According to journalists present at the festival, the French director’s horror film contains a lot of metaphors about women in Hollywood, the cruelty of age and the repercussions of self-hatred. The main character of “The Substance” is a fading Hollywood star named Elisabeth (Demi Moore). Due to her age, her career is slowing down more and more until she finally loses her last job, which is recording fitness exercises in the style of Jane Fonda’s programs.

The heroine is then offered a medical procedure that will change her into a younger and better version of herself through the process of cellular replication. A new version of her, played by Margaret Qualley, slips out of her back. These two characters can coexist with one important caveat: they must stay outdoors on alternating seven days. If one of them doesn’t change after this time, bad things will happen.

Despite the fact that the film is full of obscene scenes, the audience in Cannes was delighted. According to journalists present on the French Riviera, the audience was supposed to dance and clap to the dark dance music, but sometimes they were really terrified by the number of brutal scenes. The French director’s horror film was met with a 13-minute ovation, which is the longest so far at this year’s edition of the festival. The website’s review states that the film is a “brave and incredibly disgusting masterpiece.”

This is the debut of the popular actress in Cannes. Her younger co-star also starred in another production that will compete in the main competition

The cast of “The Substance” included Dennis Quaid, Hugo Diego Garcia, Phillip Schurer and Joseph Balderrama. However, the main violins are played by Demi Moore and Marget Qualley, who even appear naked on the screen. For the 61-year-old actress, it was the first time she appeared in the official selection of the Cannes festival. Quoted by “”, she talked about preparing for the role at a press conference:

When I agreed to this role, I knew what I had to be ready for. A high level of sensitivity was required to tell this story. We talked a lot about what we wanted to achieve so that I wouldn’t feel vulnerable while working on set

In turn, for the brilliant Margaret Qualley, this is not the only film with her participation that is taking part in this year’s Cannes festival competition. The 29-year-old actress also stars in “Kinds of Kindness,” which premiered on Friday evening in Cannes. The main role in Yórgos Lánthimos’ production is played by Emma Stone, who dazzled many viewers in the winter with her performance in “Poor Creatures”.

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