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Fighting for the highest stakes and action that will take your breath away.  Get ready for a surprising show that hasn’t been seen for years

Fighting for the highest stakes and action that will take your breath away. Get ready for a surprising show that hasn’t been seen for years

Fighting for the highest stakes and action that will take your breath away.  Get ready for a surprising show that hasn’t been seen for years

Mateusz Damiêcki in the role of a nameless, honorable avenger who stands against ruthless bandits, in an excellent action series entitled “A simple matter”. CANAL+ online invites you to watch the adaptation of the book by the author of best-selling crime novels, Wojtek Chmielarz. Here, nothing is as it seems at first. The Story of the Nameless One is both a modern western and a pure thriller.

Who is the Nameless One? Little is known about him for certain. To the question: “Are you a convicted felon?” replies: “I solve problems, for different people, in different ways.” The Nameless One has the face and athletic figure of Mateusz Damiêcki. The actor impresses with his agility and hand-to-hand combat skills. And this is one of the key issues in this series, because its hero has to face people who are attacking his life.

Nameless as the mysterious sheriff

The director and screenwriter of “A Simple Matter” is Cyprian T. Olencki. Mateusz Damięcki played with him in the memorable “Furioza”. He was brutal, Goldeni played this character in such a way that – as it was written – you forget about his previous roles, only Golden counts. It’s similar in the case of the Nameless One in “A Simple Matter”. Only this time Mateusz Damięcki played a positive character. He is like a sheriff from the Wild West – fearless and noble.

The story starts like this. The Nameless One comes to Jelenia Góra to repay a debt to his friend, Prosty. She doesn’t find him at home. His apartment is demolished. It doesn’t take much thought to know that Prosty is in trouble. The Nameless One decides to find out what happened to his friend and help him get back on track. Thus, he falls into the middle of an extremely dangerous game involving local gangsters led by Kazik, mafiosi from the Czech Republic and Roma bandits. One of his allies in this extremely difficult fight will be an analyst from the Internal Security Agency.

Meeting with his father

It is worth paying attention to the performance of Maciej Damiêcki, Mateusz’s father, in “Simple Matter”. It was the decision of the director, Cyprian T. Olencki. The role of the taxi driver was the last one played by Maciej Damięcki. This happened a few months before his death. “These two days of shooting were absolutely special. I wanted them to never end… Dad played perfectly, he made this little role a gem,” Mateusz Damiêcki said in an interview.

Piotr Adamczyk overcame doubts

The ruthless Kazik was played by Piotr Adamczyk. In interviews, the actor emphasizes that he had doubts when he went to the casting. He doesn’t often play negative characters, and Kazik is an unscrupulous gangster who shakes up the Jelenia Góra underworld. Adamczyk fulfilled his task flawlessly and his Kazik attracts attention. He is rude, brutal, sloppy and has a huge beer belly. He appears to be safanduła, but he is more than demonic. He has a surprising past behind him.

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The entire cast did a great job. This includes: Mateusz Kmiecik as Czacha and Maciej Musia³ as the Elephant. The performances of Magdalena Wieczorek and Izabela Kuna also attract attention.

In the beginning there was a novel

The origins of “A Simple Matter” date back to the pandemic. Wojciech Chmielarz, the author of very popular crime novels, started writing this sensational story in episodes that he posted on his social media profile. Fans went crazy about her. The novel was published in 2020 – it was a revised and expanded version of what appeared on Facebook.

The surprising, perfectly constructed plot of “A Simple Matter” quickly attracted filmmakers. This would be perfect material for a series.

A new quality in sensational stories

“A Simple Matter” takes place in Jelenia Góra and the surrounding area. The beautiful, almost idyllic landscapes of the Kłodzko Valley and the Karkonosze Mountains, brilliantly photographed by Klaudiusz Półlit, can surprise you with their gloomy atmosphere. Before filming the series, the director took Mateusz Damięcki and Piotr Adamczyk on – as they say – an “integration trip” to the places where the photos were to be taken. This allowed them to feel the atmosphere of the story.

This series is entertainment of the best kind. Great acting and dialogues, suspense, a large dose of humor, surprising fight choreography. It can be safely said that “Posta Sprawa” is a new quality in Polish thriller productions. Cyprian T. Olencki and his team are looking for new solutions and can surprise viewers.

and CANAL+ Premium on May 17. New episodes premiere every week. You can make the waiting more pleasant by watching, for example, “¯mijowisko”, another sensational series based on Wojtek Chmielarz’s prose.

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