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Mi³osz K³eczek is preparing an innovative show.  “The Republic has its own Schwarzeneger!”

Mi³osz K³eczek is preparing an innovative show. “The Republic has its own Schwarzeneger!”

Mi³osz K³eczek is preparing an innovative show.  “The Republic has its own Schwarzeneger!”

Mi³osz K³eczek’s new program will soon debut on TV Republika, promoted by a significant trailer. We see a star of right-wing television who performs various sports. Will politicians also appear in the “Mi³osz K³eczek. On the Move” program? Some Internet users guess that the new show may cover a completely different topic.

Although Miłosz Kłeczek started conquering the media over ten years ago, he gained recognition only when the so-called good change. When the process of depoliticization of public media began, Kłeczek immediately lost his job, and soon after he joined TV Republika, where he can still present “real Polish news” and talk to right-wing politicians.

Even more Miłosz Kłeczek on TV Republika. Soon he will host the program “In Motion”

It turns out that the right-wing media showman will soon have a new program with the fancy name “Miłosz Kłeczek. On the Move”. In the trailer we see station employee Sakiewicz practicing various sports activities, such as kick-boxing, cycling, shooting with a long gun and running.

Are you ready for something completely new? Innovative program ‘Miłosz Kłeczek. On the move’ coming soon on Telewizja Republika – it is announced on the station’s official profile on the X platform.

Internet users confused by the announcement of Kłeczek’s new show. Some people cheer for him, some mock him

The host of the new program also decided to advertise it on his profile on the same social networking site. “Are you ready??!! A completely new format is starting. Can you guess what? Details coming soon,” Kłeczek said. It didn’t take long for other users to respond. Here are some of them:

So are you going to run away from the prosecutor?

You won’t be able to sleep any longer, because there are so many interesting items from early morning until late in the evening. Well, we need to find time for another program with Mr. Miłosz.

The Republic has its own Schwarzeneger!

It looks like training before escaping to Belarus.

The Republic has its Schwarzeneger.

In my opinion, there are several variants. 1. The republican version of ‘This is Poland speaking’ 2. A program about a healthy lifestyle 3. Editor Kłeczek will run with Politicians and push them

Kłeczek himself responded to the last mentioned comment: “One of the variants hit the nail on the head.” It is not yet certain when the premiere episode will air. At the moment, TV Republika is planning another novelty, which will be shown every Sunday at 20:00. This is the “Strictly Open” program, hosted by Piotr Nisztor.

Source: Gazeta

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