It continues to be the leading digital TV and it is now 21 consecutive months, keeping a long distance from the rest of the networks. According to Comscore data corresponding to the month of April, laSexta rises again to 9.6 million unique visitorswith month-on-month growth of +10% and year-on-year growth of +3%.

Likewise, laSexta continues in its position as an information reference in a month in which laSexta Noticias has continued to stand out among the most followed content of the chain, collecting all the information at the national level with the elections in the Basque Country and the period of reflection of Pedro Sánchez, and also of the international sphere, with the course of the war in Ukraine and the conflict in Israel and Gaza among the topics analyzed, along with the coverage of ‘Red Hot‘every morning, as well as the stellar special’Red Hot: Euskadi Objective‘, and with ‘Better late‘ and the weekly analysis of ‘laSexta Xplica‘.

Likewise, ‘Arusers‘ has added another month as the absolute leading program in the mornings, and it’s now 22 in a row, and it has been among the most viewed content, along with ‘The intermediate‘, ‘zapping‘ and ‘Gamers‘daily and’Research team‘ and ‘theSixth Column‘ every week, adding the broadcast of its first event with the MotoGP World Championship: the Gran Premio Estrella Galicia 0.0 race in Spain, which swept the network becoming the best MotoGP race in quota since 2016 with a 19, 4% and the most viewed since 2019 thanks to the following of 1,615,000 average viewers and 2,453,000 unique viewers.

ATRESMEDIA It continues unstoppable also in digital audiences. With April of this year, the Group has had eight years of uninterrupted leadership in this consumption (since April 2016). Thus, according to the latest data published by Comscore, it continues to lead among audiovisual groups and does so, furthermore, with the greatest difference in history compared to its rival: Atresmedia achieves 24.3 million unique visitors, +152% than its main adversary or, in other words, more than 14.6 million unique visitors than its competitor.

With this result, Atresmedia is in 6th place in the ranking of most visited sites, distancing itself more clearly from its competitor, which drops to 40th position.

atresplayer, leader among platforms

Leadership for another month also for atresplayer, which is once again the leader among the platforms with more than 2.9 million unique visitorsand a growth of +11% compared to April 2023, data that once again places it ahead of its main competitor, increasing the advantage to +23%.

A leadership that it achieves, for another month, thanks to its constant and differentiated content offer, continually adding new formats to its innovative and unique catalog to make up the most varied and valued platform in Spanish, both inside and outside our borders. In addition to its premieres and its exclusive offer, atresplayer continues to maintain technology designed to achieve the best user experience and a permanent commitment to Spanish audiovisual talent with local stories capable of conquering viewers from all over the world.

It is the case of ‘Red flags‘, the teenage drama focused on the sexual and emotional lives of four young people, whose original idea is by Nando López (author of ‘The Age of Wrath’) and which, after its premiere in April, has already become a great success of atresplayer. Title that joins other series that have been releasing new chapters this month, such as ‘A new sunrise‘, tragicomedy starring actress Yolanda Ramos and created, written and directed by José Corbacho, who is accompanied by Belén Macías in the direction and ‘The Turkish Passion‘, the love story taken to the extreme between Olivia (Maggie Civantos) and Yamán (Ilker Kaleli), both now available in full on the platform.

To close the month, atresplayer premiered another of its great bets on fiction: ‘Beguines‘, starring Amaia Aberasturi and Yon González in this exciting and intriguing story inspired by the beguinages, communities of women who, since the 13th century, defended an alternative way of life independent of marriage and the Church.

In its offer, users can also continue viewing ‘Tefía’s nights‘ and ‘The route‘, two of the most praised series of the year among the public and critics, which have also been awarded at the 2023 Ondas Awards for Best Male Performer (Patrick Criado) and Best Drama Series, respectively. The production created by Miguel del Arco about a Francoist concentration camp known by the euphemistic name of Colonia Agrícola Penitenciaria de Tefía has also just received the prestigious GLAAD for best Spanish-speaking series.