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Awkward silence in the Republika TV studio.  “Let’s keep trying then.”

Awkward silence in the Republika TV studio. “Let’s keep trying then.”

On Monday afternoon, TV Republika broadcast another edition of “Express Republika”. However, towards the end of the service there was a mishap and there was silence in the studio.

At the end of Monday’s edition of “Express Republika”, Rafał Patyra announced material about an innovative invention combining a plane and a helicopter. Then there was a mistake, which was removed in the recording made available by the station on YouTube.

A mishap at Telewizja Republika. There was an awkward silence in the studio

The news was to be presented to viewers immediately after the host’s announcement. “Half plane and half helicopter, it sounds fictitious, but it is not crazy at all. Such a machine was actually created and – what’s more – it has just made its first successful flight. Parts for the innovative invention were also designed by Poles” – after these words by Rafał Patyra in the Republika studio there was silence for several dozen seconds. Unaware of the technical problems, the presenter waited for the material to be finished.

At one point, the host of the program addressed someone outside the frame, but his microphone had been previously muted. “And this is called a hard landing,” Rafał Patyra finally said, still not realizing that the material had not been broadcast. He learned about the technical problems only after the fact: “Let’s keep trying then,” he replied, and then moved on to announcing the next news about bee breeding. This time there were no technical problems.

The recording from Monday’s edition of “Express Republika” was also posted on social media. There, however, material about the innovative invention was added by the editors.

Source: Gazeta

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