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She was a TVP star for 33 years.  Krystyna Loska now receives such a pension.  Hunger?

She was a TVP star for 33 years. Krystyna Loska now receives such a pension. Hunger?

She was a TVP star for 33 years.  Krystyna Loska now receives such a pension.  Hunger?

Even though Krystyna Loska has worked at TVP for over three decades, she cannot count on a decent pension. In one of the latest interviews, the famous announcer revealed what benefit ZUS granted her. The amount may come as a big surprise to many people.

She was once one of the most popular presenters in Poland. She started her career in the early 1960s, hosting a youth social and entertainment program. Then she started cooperation with the branch in Katowice, and after a decade she was on the station’s main airwaves. At the peak of her popularity, she fulfilled herself not only as an emcee, but also as a presenter, hosting famous festivals and events, including: in Opole or Sopot.

Krystyna Loska was 57 years old when she retired. She didn’t disappear from the screens right away

In 1994, after a career spanning exactly 33 years, Krystyna Loska decided to end her adventure with the small screen and move on to a well-deserved career. However, she did not completely suspend her professional activity. During this time, she continued to perform on stage, constantly arousing admiration and sympathy of the audience. Ultimately, mainly due to health problems, she decided to completely withdraw from public life. Despite this, she could not fully enjoy the peace and focus solely on rest. All because of the amount of the benefit awarded to her by ZUS.

Krystyna Loska gets starvation pension? Years ago, the announcer revealed the truth

Celebrity pensions have long aroused public interest. Some time ago, Krystyna Loska joined the group of those who complain about her height. Just a few years ago, he reported that the famous announcer’s bank account received just over a thousand zlotys from ZUS every month. – Now it’s a thousand something – he openly told the portal, adding that he can live with dignity only thanks to the help he receives from his relatives and friends.

It turns out that the star’s situation has recently improved slightly financially. The latest findings of the tabloid show that the amount awarded to the 86-year-old woman increased after changes in regulations and revaluation and is now approximately PLN 1,500 a month. However, the person concerned did not attempt to comment on the matter or confirm or deny these reports. If you want, take part in our survey below.

Source: Gazeta

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