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Pick it off the windowsill and massage it into your skin.  This is the best ointment for abrasions on thighs and shoes

Pick it off the windowsill and massage it into your skin. This is the best ointment for abrasions on thighs and shoes

Abrasions on the feet and thighs are an extremely unpleasant and painful problem that can ruin any trip or walk. How to deal with them and what to use to feel immediate relief?

New, worn-out or too tight shoes, and sometimes even a slipping sock. This is enough for a painful abrasion to appear on the heel or elsewhere on the foot, which will soon turn into an unpleasant blister filled with fluid. In turn, irritations on the thighs are usually simply the result of wearing dresses under which the skin rubs against each other. Even small ones can cause enormous pain and discomfort. How to deal with it?

What to do with abrasions and wounds on the foot? Not only store products

Chafing on the feet usually occurs due to ill-fitting or simply uncomfortable footwear. Pressure and friction cause redness, sometimes a wound, and eventually, unless it is broken by accident, a blister. Sometimes this also happens after long physical activity or when the skin is already irritated. To avoid an extremely unpleasant infection, you must act quickly. In every pharmacy you will find special preparations and patches that will help you control the situation and bring relief. In addition, it is worth using proven home methods, after conducting an allergy test.

What speeds up the healing of abrasions? Home remedies

A popular way to relieve pain is to use natural remedies aloe gel, which has a soothing effect and accelerates healing. It can be a mixture directly from the leaves or a ready-made cosmetic with a simple composition. Suitable for both feet and irritated thighs. In addition, when it comes to your feet, it is worth preparing a nourishing bath with the addition of chamomile or lavender essential oil. Their antiseptic effect will certainly help. Just don’t forget to add carrier oil to the water to avoid burns. Linen dressings are also suitable for thighswhich not only cool, but also bring relief.

What is good for shoe abrasions? Use aloe What is good for shoe abrasions? Use aloe. Photo / Fotois Photos

Should you pierce blisters? Forget about this method

A popular method used to be to pierce the bladder yourself to get rid of the fluid. Today, this method is being abandoned because such action may bring unpleasant consequences. Both the bladder itself and its contents, which are nothing else than serous fluid, are a natural protection of the skin against further friction, irritation and pollution from the outside. Therefore, it is definitely better not to do it. If a blister accidentally bursts, keep the wound clean and secure. If you have to go somewhere, apply a dressing and at home let her breathe. In addition, take care of hygiene. You will feel improvement quickly.

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