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The portal between continents closed after a week.  “Indecent behavior”

The portal between continents closed after a week. “Indecent behavior”

Buttocks and bare breasts – this is what the Dubliners treated to New Yorkers who watched them live through an artistic installation. The portal between the cities was closed as an emergency, but the recordings will not disappear from the Internet for a long time.

A unique art installation was opened in Dublin and New York less than a week ago. This is the so-called a portal or window to the world with cameras, allowing you to see in real time what is happening on another continent. Similar art installations appear from time to time in various places around the world, but the one connecting the United States and Ireland was closed extremely quickly. Reason? People.

Portal between the US and Ireland closed. “Indecent behavior”

It started very innocently and extremely nice. New York welcomed Dublin with banners saying “We love Dublin!” and “Good morning from New York”. Dublin was not in debt. Residents danced, waved to each other, and played rock-paper-scissors. And then they came.

It must be admitted that the recordings show that Ireland was at the forefront of perverting the purpose of art, the function of which was to connect people. On social media you can find dozens of recordings of what Dubliners showed to New Yorkers. Nudity in various forms was probably the most common problem – New York had the opportunity to see a whole display of naked female breasts and buttocks of different sexes. Ireland also provoked the US by showing videos of the attack on the WTC on their phones. No wonder the portal was closed less than a week after its unveiling.

The portal is scheduled to return to operation under new rules at the end of this week. It will connect Dublin and New York around the clock for six months. On the New York side, barriers have been placed to separate onlookers from direct contact with the Portal, and the “windows” are also protected by security patrols. Dublin is to implement new rules for the safe and healthy use of the Portal in the coming days. Will this help – we’ll see.

Source: Gazeta

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