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Sebastian Karpiel-Bu³ecka fought the disease for years: “I thought I was going to die”

Sebastian Karpiel-Bu³ecka fought the disease for years: “I thought I was going to die”

Sebastian Karpiel-Bu³ecka fought the disease for years: “I thought I was going to die”

A decade ago, Sebastian Karpiel-Bu³ecka was diagnosed with a devastating disease for the first time. The musician struggled with depression and anxiety disorders, which made it difficult for him to function on a daily basis and affected his personal life.

The artist went through a long and bumpy road before he found inner peace again. Paulina Krupińska, who was the first to notice her husband’s worsening ailments, showed him a lot of support.

Sebastian Karpiel-Bułecka fought with depression and anxiety disorders

Although the presenter was initially unaware that the cause of the musician’s disturbing behavior could be a serious disorder, she eventually decided to seek help. “The other person must feel that we share the burden of the disease and that we bear the burden of the disease together. Then it is easier for them. If I hadn’t talked to my friend, if Sebastian hadn’t talked to her, I don’t know how it would have ended. But we came out of it with a shield. , not on the dial,” she said in an interview with Viva.

The disease attacked when Sebastian Karpiel-Bułecka found himself at a crossroads in life. At that time, the artist was struggling with mourning the loss of his beloved father and his son’s health problems. However, what the singer’s loved ones saw was nothing compared to what he felt inside. “Sometimes it seemed to me that I was about to die. I was shopping calmly in the supermarket, and suddenly my heart was beating 200 beats per minute, the blood was pulsating,” Karpiel-Bułecka said in an interview with “Twój Styl”.

Each subsequent day was an increasing challenge for the artist, but he did not intend to give up. He also repeatedly emphasized how important it is to talk openly and without shame about your problems. He even took part in the Ministry of Health’s campaign for mental health. However, in a later conversation with Viva, he stated that the media had “blown up” the case. “Suddenly, a lot of people started calling and writing to me, offering help, because the information quickly grew to such an extent that it felt like I was already at rock bottom. So this is another example of how different messages take on a life of their own,” the musician explained.

What are the characteristics of anxiety disorders?

Anxiety disorders are recurrent ailments that may cause discomfort to the patient. They often lead to withdrawal from social life, isolation and deepening mental problems. The patient also experiences many symptoms related to internal organs, the most common of which include pain in the heart area, chest pain, shortness of breath, weakness, lack of physical strength, and digestive and excretion problems. If you notice the above symptoms, it is worth seeing your primary care doctor who will guide you on further treatment.

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