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Thousands of women put on sandals and go out into the city unawares.  “Shame on Half the Street”

Thousands of women put on sandals and go out into the city unawares. “Shame on Half the Street”

When it gets warmer outside, we happily put our winter shoes in the closet. Instead, we prefer to wear light sneakers, flip-flops and sandals. We are cooler, more comfortable, we don’t sweat so much, and such footwear fits better into summer styles. However, all this effort goes to waste because of one, not so small, detail.

Flat or high-heeled sandals, wedges, platforms, in various patterns, colors and materials, at higher and lower prices – choosing the perfect shoes is not easy at all. We can spend a lot of time and money on this. Unfortunately, beautiful and comfortable shoes do not always go hand in hand with one detail that thousands of Polish women are not aware of.

They put on sandals and go out into the city. “Shame on Half the Street”

Some time ago, while riding a bus, I overheard a conversation between two women. Summer footwear and, by the way, feet were the focus of attention. They pointed out that even the most beautiful shoes will not hide the fact that they do not take care of their feet. In winter it is easy to hide calloused skin and cracked heels – in summer it is much more difficult. Words such as “shame on half the street” or “you have to take care of your feet all year round” were uttered.

Indeed, nothing can replace regular foot care, not only in summer when they are on display. Then we won’t have to worry about their condition just before the sandal season. Unfortunately, a few days or weeks of taking better care of your feet does not necessarily make them beautiful for the summer. The basic thing is, of course, washing with mild soap and not too hot or cold water. The best temperature is around 37 degrees Celsius. After washing, dry them thoroughly, but do not rub them (this irritates the skin) – pay special attention to the areas between the toes. Finally, just treat your feet with a cream with low concentration of urea – up to 10%. This will soften the skin and not dry it out. What about exfoliation? Instead of aggressive pumice stones and exfoliating socks, it is worth exfoliating your feet regularly once a week. This will keep the epidermis under control and will not grow excessively.

The biggest mistakes in foot care

  • Using a grater and a pumice stone – these stimulate the build-up of epidermis.
  • Using exfoliating socks – their aggressive ingredients may lead to irritation.
  • Incorrect nail shortening. They say to cut them straight, but a lot depends on, among others: from our finger shape.
  • Inadequate drying of the skin, especially between the toes.
  • Wearing socks and shoes made of non-breathable materials.

It is worth remembering that any doubts can be dispelled during a visit to a professional. A podiatrist will help you get your feet in order, tell you how to take care of them on a daily basis and what products should be used. Thanks to this, they will not scare those who follow us up the stairs, and above all – they will be well-groomed, healthy and not susceptible to damage or disease.

Source: Gazeta

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