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This popular plant is now worth its weight in gold.  Effectively deals with ticks and mosquitoes

This popular plant is now worth its weight in gold. Effectively deals with ticks and mosquitoes

This popular plant is now worth its weight in gold.  Effectively deals with ticks and mosquitoes

This popular plant against ticks and insects has been known and used for years. It is inconspicuous, and most of us probably associate it as a weed growing in forests, meadows and wastelands. However, not everyone knows that it is helpful in combating, among others: aphids, mosquitoes and ticks that live in our gardens.

Common tansy – characteristics and properties of the plant

is a plant belonging to the Asteraceae family. It has negligible environmental requirements, so it grows easily in meadows, forests and wastelands. This plant is characterized by impressive inflorescences consisting of a dozen or so small yellow flowers. Tansy can reach up to one and a half meters in height. Moreover, it has a very intense, herbal scent. All you need to do is gently poke or rub the plant to release its characteristic scent.

Tansy has been used in folk medicine for centuries. The health-promoting properties of tansy have been known for years. The plant has antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties, so it is used as a disinfectant and to accelerate wound healing. It is also used as an adjuvant in the treatment of skin infections, including scabies, psoriasis and acne. The plant is also known for its relaxing properties, which is why it is sometimes used for relaxation baths. It is worth noting, however, that according to current recommendations, tansy can only be used externally and is not suitable for drinking. This is due to the fact that its flowers and leaves contain thujone – a strong toxin, the consumption of which may cause a number of undesirable health consequences, including: muscle tremors and neuronal damage. Importantly, tansy is prohibited for use by pregnant and lactating women. If you want to use it to support treatment, be sure to consult it first with your doctor.

In addition to fighting skin parasites, common tansy is also used to repel insects and garden pests. Tansy against ticks is very effective. This is due to the previously mentioned intense smell of the plant, which is not tolerated by arachnids. Planting tick-repellent plants in your garden, including: tansy, garlic, onion, mint, rosemary, marigold or wormwood, this is one of the ways to avoid parasites settling in our home gardens. Although tansy is most often found as a wild plant, it can also be planted in the garden – preferably in a somewhat secluded place. Thanks to this, we can protect our garden against unwanted guests, mainly ticks.

Tansy for ticks: how to make a decoction of tansy that repels ticks? We give you a hint

Tansy against ticks is very effective. How to make a decoction that will increase protection against arachnids? It is worth knowing that such a product will also protect us against mosquitoes, because it has strong insect repellent properties. A self-prepared preparation based on tansy is a natural alternative to ready-made repellents that can be found on store shelves.

Preparation tansy for ticks in the form of a spray for the body is very simple. Just pour six tablespoons of dried tansy with a liter of boiling water, then cover and set aside to cool. When the infusion is ready, strain it and then pour it into an atomizer. Spray the solution prepared in this way before going out, e.g. to the forest or park. Particular attention should be paid to the lower parts of the body, because ticks most often wander around our body from the bottom up. It is worth spraying not only clothes, but also those parts of the body that remain uncovered, such as the neck area.

In addition to tansy, you can also prepare a spray for ticks tansy oil preparation. To make a protective mixture, combine tansy oil with a base oil (e.g. olive oil) in a 1:3 ratio. The mixture should be diluted with water, then poured into an atomizer and spread over the body and clothes.

against ticks is one of the most effective methods of protection, but when going to a park or forest, it is also worth taking care of other forms of protection. It’s best to wear long sleeves and long pants. Additionally, it is worth wearing long socks that will properly protect your ankles.

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