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TV Republika with a new gadget.  It’s hard to say whether Trump would be happy or file a lawsuit.

TV Republika with a new gadget. It’s hard to say whether Trump would be happy or file a lawsuit.

The Republika TV shop has been operating very dynamically for almost a month. Another gadget will soon be available for purchase on the website. This time the project refers to Donald Trump.

is a station that attracts viewers outraged by the changes that have taken place in Telewizja Polska. Television is very popular and the station tries to monetize it in every possible way. At the beginning of April, a shop with gadgets decorated with a logo with the white letter “R” was launched.

TV Republika will sell a new gadget

“We are happy to offer you gadgets that will allow you to express your attachment to Telewizja Republika and their values. […] By purchasing our products, you not only choose stylish and high-quality clothes, but also support the development of independent media, so that we can continue our mission of providing real information. Let’s build the strength of independent journalism together,” we read on the website.

Currently, the offer includes a mug at the price of PLN 39.99, a T-shirt with the inscription #turntruth that is PLN 20 more expensive, a T-shirt for fans of Michał Rachoń’s program, a car sticker and even an umbrella. Some gadgets have even sold out. Customers of the Republika TV store were very interested in station pins for PLN 89.99 and eco-bags, the prices of which ranged around PLN 20.

Changed Donald Trump’s election slogan on Republika TV caps

Summer is approaching, and TV Republika has a plan to adapt its assortment to the needs of its viewers. The station announced a new item that will be available soon. It’s an airy baseball cap with the station’s logo. This time, however, under the letter “R” in red and white there is a paraphrase of the world-famous slogan.

TV Republika viewers will soon be able to wear hats with the inscription “Make Poland Great Again”, referring to Donald Trump’s election slogan. When purchasing a hat, store customers will get a two-in-one item. From now on, they can dress not only to support the content presented on TV Republika, but also to support Donald Trump. We currently don’t know how much the gadget will cost or whether the former president of the United States has already seen the project. It’s hard to say whether he would be happy with the support or maybe file a lawsuit for using his copyright slogan.

Source: Gazeta

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