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When do we become old?  Poles indicated a specific age.  What do scientists say?

When do we become old? Poles indicated a specific age. What do scientists say?

Have you ever wondered at what point you start getting old? It turns out that the matter is not so obvious and depends… on the point of view. Even scientists took a closer look at the issue. What conclusions did they reach?

Research clearly shows that the age at which we can talk about old age changes over time. The difference is also visible between generations. In short, the older we are, the later we indicate the period according to which we should belong to the group of seniors.

When does old age begin? The border is constantly shifting

According to scientists from the Humboldt University in Berlin, as time passes, adult people increasingly move the bar at which “old age” begins. The fact that the average life expectancy is also important, and in some places also the age, are significantly longer. – Concepts and perceptions of the word “old” change over the course of historical time – explained Dr. Markus Wettstein, quoted by “”. In addition, the researcher also pointed out that this limit may vary depending on a specific person. This is, of course, influenced by his age and health condition. Over 14,000 people participated in the research, the results of which were published in the journal “Psychology and Aging”. people born between 1911 and 1974. The entire experiment lasted 25 years, during which participants were asked the same question several times.

When does old age begin? When does old age begin? Photo / Mishelved

For these people, old age begins above this age. What influences this?

Research has shown that people born in 1911 believed (according to the models) that for them the age begins 71 years old, while those born in 1931, who were 65 years old on the day the question was asked, said they were already 74 years old. It also turned out that for people born after 1935, the border was moving significantly. In later years there was no such discrepancy. Experts pointed out that the generational difference is important here and that people move the boundary of “old age” with age. Interestingly, women reported a higher age than men. Currently, “pushing” the boundary with age seems to be slowing down. This may be due to better health in adults, although there is no direct research on this yet.

When does old age begin according to Poles? We have indicated a specific age

How do Poles approach the topic of old age? According to the report “” conducted by Nationale-Nederlanden in 2023, people who are professionally active indicate the limit of old age as more than 75 years old. In turn, retirees extend it until the age of 83. If you feel like it, vote in our poll below.

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