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Katarzyna Figura on the role of a mother of a son with Down syndrome: “these are people thrown to the margins of life”

Katarzyna Figura on the role of a mother of a son with Down syndrome: “these are people thrown to the margins of life”

Katarzyna Figura not only graces the screen with her presence, but also engages in important social issues. Her latest role in the film “I am” sheds light on the lives of people with Down syndrome and their everyday challenges.

The film “I Am”, which will premiere at the Krakow Film Festival, is not only an artistic endeavor, but also a medium for talking about disability. The main characters are a mother and her son Bartek, who work in a funeral home. While the mother’s character is worried about dying before her son, leaving him alone in life, a young boy with Down syndrome played by Szymon Grzech from the program “Down The Road” is experiencing his great love. Through the film, the creators try to convey that disability should not define a person’s entire life.

Thanks to his role in the film, Figura somehow becomes a spokesman not only for a fictional character, but also for real people. ““My character is a mirror for thousands of mothers who are concerned about the future of their disabled son.” said the actress in . Her commitment to the role emphasizes deep empathy and understanding for the difficulties of living with a disability.

In Poland, the life of people with disabilities and their caregivers is very difficult. (…) These are people thrown to the margins of life, unsupported by the state. (…) There is a scene in the film when young people are getting married, and Polish law actually prohibits disabled people from getting married. You have to apply to the court, which rarely grants permission

The director of “I am” is Cezary Orłowski, a student of the Warsaw Film School. The young creator turned to Katarzyna Figura, hoping that the actress’s presence would help promote a socially important film. “I have a certain internal moral imperative that I should take part in such an activity. First of all, to support the whole idea that this young man wants to convey,” she said in an interview with

By appearing in a film such as “I Am”, engages in social issues and shows how artists can contribute to building a more open and sensitive society. Her actions send a powerful message that art not only reflects but also shapes reality, opening the door to better understanding and acceptance of diversity.

Source: Gazeta

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