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One mistake can ruin everything.  This way you will avoid yellow spots on your lawn.  It will be lush green

One mistake can ruin everything. This way you will avoid yellow spots on your lawn. It will be lush green

The lawn is the showpiece of the house and garden, but sometimes it happens that yellow spots start to appear on it. Can he still be saved? It turns out that dry spots appear due to one care mistake.

Many garden owners dream of a beautiful and lush green garden. Unfortunately, the yellow cakes spoil the effect and do not look aesthetically pleasing. How to prevent this? Maintenance is key to keeping the turf in good condition. It is worth remembering one important thing.

How to prevent yellow spots on the lawn? Not only watering itself is important, but also the right time

Yellow patches on the lawn are often caused by dog ​​urine. It contains harmful substances that cause the blades to die. However, if we do not have a pet and our green carpet is decorated with burnt spots, it is a sign that the problem lies in improper care.

damaged lawn (illustrative photo) istock/Singjai20

Taking care of your lawn can be time-consuming, but the efforts will definitely pay off. It is worth remembering to remove weeds regularly, because they are stronger than blades and can cause the grass to wither and dry out. You should also not forget about raking, as remaining leaves or needles lead to the development of mold and fungi. A common mistake many people make is the wrong watering time. Remember that it is best to water the turf in the morning or late eveningwhen the sun is not high in the sky. Otherwise, wet grass treated with sunlight will quickly begin to dry out and dry patches will begin to form on its surface.

How to save a dry lawn? Here is a proven home method to nourish weakened blades

If we want to get rid of patches on the lawn, remember to oversow the grass. This is a key element that will allow you to enjoy thick turf in the summer. After sprinkling the seeds, do not forget to water the dry places. Additionally, we can support the grass with fertilizer, and a homemade conditioner will work well for this purpose. To prepare it we need:

  • a bottle of mineral water,
  • half a glass of dishwashing liquid,
  • can,
  • half a glass of ammonia,
  • half a glass of mouthwash,
  • 40 to 80 liters of water.

Mix all ingredients and pour into a bucket or device with a sprayer. We spray the entire turf thoroughly once every 3 weeks. If you feel like it, vote in our poll below.

Source: Gazeta

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