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Will it warm you on cold days and add shine?  This fleece from Columbia is a hit!  What’s in 4F and Lidl?

Will it warm you on cold days and add shine? This fleece from Columbia is a hit! What’s in 4F and Lidl?

When we give up jackets and coats for good, it is worth having one proven garment in your wardrobe that will serve you on cold evenings. Warm, soft and stylish? This fleece is everything you need!

A lightweight alternative to a jacket. This fleece is everything you need

When summer is fast approaching, we put away heavy jackets in the wardrobes and reach for light and comfortable options. In such a situation, Columbia’s fleece is the perfect choice, combining functionality with style.

Beautiful beige color adds timeless charm and elegance to it. This neutral shade it fits perfectly with other styles and goes with any color.

The Columbia brand is famous for designing clothes with comfort in mind. It was no different in the case of this fleece. Put on over the head, it is easy to take off and put on, while ensuring perfect fit and wearing comfort. Additionally snap fastenings to half of the sweatshirt guarantee adequate body ventilation.

Worth checking:

Even though fleece is associated with heavy winter styles, this is a summer model offers extraordinary lightness essential on warmer evenings. It is an ideal alternative to a jacket and provides great protection against the evening wind at the seaside.

This unique model is available in as many as: 5 color versions which means you will definitely find something for yourself!

Not just Columbia. You can now also find fleece wonders at 4F and Pepco!

A stunningly large selection of summer fleeces can also be found at 4F. Prices start from PLN 59.99and the selection of cuts and colors is incredible!

While looking for the perfect one, it is also worth checking what new products Lidl has for us. We can find 2 fleece models there at an extremely low pricewhich are perfect not only for summer walks, but also autumn evenings.

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