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How much are we going to spend on a barbecue during the May weekend?  “Most people want to save”, but the amounts are impressive

How much are we going to spend on a barbecue during the May weekend? “Most people want to save”, but the amounts are impressive

Many Poles cannot imagine May Day without a barbecue. It’s almost a must-see during the long weekend, and even unfavorable weather won’t stop some people from lighting a barbecue. UCE Research examined how much we plan to spend on barbecue this year. The conclusions may surprise you.

The May weekend is fast approaching, most Poles are already planning what they will do and keeping their fingers crossed for favorable weather. Some people intend to spend their holidays abroad, others stay in Poland. As every year, many of them intend to relax on the plot or in the garden with a barbecue. UCE Research and the BLIX Group checked how much Poles who grill are going to spend this year. The conclusions from the study may be surprising, especially compared to last year.

Where to go for May Day 2024 in Poland? Poles already know. The mountains win again

Some time ago, the website analyzed holiday choices for 2024. They show that as many as 25 percent more Poles intend to spend a long weekend abroad. The most popular destinations are Türkiye, Egypt and Greece. Research shows that it still dominates in Poland. Mountains, including Zakopane, have been consistently popular in the country, and have long outperformed the sea.

– We are not afraid of the outflow of tourists. We see that the interest in accommodation is over 600%. higher for the May weekend than for the preceding and following weekend, said Karol Wagner from the Tatra Chamber of Commerce. Some people wait until the last minute to make a decision, still afraid of the uncertain weather. What about Poles who do not travel and decide to spend their free time. Does giving up holidays mean that they will also save on shopping?

What to have for a barbecue during the May weekend? We know how much Poles plan to spend this year

UCE Research and the BLIX Group conducted a survey which shows that the majority of Poles who enjoy grilling intend to shop on promotions. This applies to as many as 57.7 percent. subjects. – This shows that most consumers want to save on this type of purchases, without giving up barbecue parties. Some compatriots have already become accustomed to promotions repeated every year – explains Marcin Lenkiewicz, one of the authors of the study, quoted by

Black pudding and sausages on the grill Photo Bartlomiej Kaminski/iStock

A year ago, however, as much as 71.4 percent Poles were counting on promotions. Why this change? The financial situation has improved. A year ago, with higher inflation, we cared more about saving. Today, 13.1 percent. respondents decided that they did not intend to wait for promotions and would shop at regular prices. 1/3 of respondents intend to spend from PLN 50 to PLN 100 on barbecue purchases, and the basket will include products such as sausages and pork necks. 31.7 percent Poles admitted that they planned to spend from PLN 100 to PLN 150. Only 14.2 percent respondents admitted that they planned to shop for more, up to PLN 200. If you feel like it, vote in our poll below.

Source: Gazeta

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