It costs PLN 2 and works as a professional moisture absorber for your home. Pour into a bowl and set aside

It costs PLN 2 and works as a professional moisture absorber for your home. Pour into a bowl and set aside

How to make an effective moisture absorber for your home without spending a fortune? Simple, proven tricks will help you. Not only will you get rid of the problem, but you will also save a lot. What will you need? You can probably do without shopping.

The problem with moisture increases especially in autumn and spring, when outdoor temperatures rarely remain at the same level and the risk of rainfall increases significantly. If you notice water condensing on the windows or simply constantly settling on the tiles in the bathroom, it is worth using a home moisture absorber. It will solve the problem quickly and cheaply.


Why is there moisture in the house? Simple, everyday activities are enough

Moisture inside an apartment or house most often occurs due to poor ventilation and underheated rooms. It is caused by long, hot baths, drying clothes, or excessive cooking. As soon as you notice it accumulating indoors, you should act quickly. Lack of reaction may cause health problems, as well as the appearance of mold or fungi.

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How to get rid of moisture in your home? Start with this

When you notice moisture, first try to eliminate the reason for its occurrence. Ventilate the rooms frequently and regularly, and in case of low temperatures, do not forget to heat them up. When cooking, use lids and a hood, and dry laundry only in well-ventilated rooms. Don’t leave wet clothes. You can also decorate rooms with plants that help absorb it. These include: , Spathiphyllum and Rose of Jericho. You will not only gain a nice decoration, but also an ally in the fight against moisture.

How to make a moisture absorber for your home? You won’t spend a penny

The most effective way to combat moisture is to use an absorber. Unfortunately, professional equipment is expensive, so if the problem is not advanced, you can easily use homemade myki. You can make an effective and inexpensive moisture absorber from chalk or chalk. Just pour them out or put them in a bowl where the water collects and leave them. Just don’t forget to replace the cartridge regularly. Rice bags will also work. If you feel like it, vote in our poll below.

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