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He appeared in Spielberg’s Oscar-winning film.  When he saw it in the cinema, he couldn’t believe it.  “I’m not kidding”

He appeared in Spielberg’s Oscar-winning film. When he saw it in the cinema, he couldn’t believe it. “I’m not kidding”

“Schindler’s List” is one of the most outstanding productions by Steven Spielberg, which has a permanent place in the history of world cinema. Now it turned out that Tomasz Dedek also participated in its creation. Although the actor, known to a wider audience from the series “Foster Family”, spent many hours on the set, in the end no scenes with his participation were shown. Why?

In 1981, Tomasz Dedek graduated from the Warsaw Theater School, but he made his debut 2 years earlier in the film “Hour in” by Janusz Morgenstern. Although he has had many roles on the small and big screen, his role as Jędrula Kossonio in the hit Polsat series brought him nationwide recognition. Now it turns out that the actor also appeared in the cult production.

He played in the cult “Schindler’s List”. Tomasz Dedek admitted that he got into the casting thanks to his connections

I’m talking about , which debuted on cinema screens in November 1993 and was a success on an unprecedented scale. Based on the book “Schindler’s Ark” by Thomas Keneally, the war drama also delighted members of the American Film Academy, which awarded it with as many as 7 Oscars. The statuettes went to, among others, to the cameraman and set designers Allan Starski and Ewa Braun. Poles also made their presence known in the cast, and one of them was Tomasz Dedek, who played a Gestapo officer.

As the actor admitted in an interview with the Newseria Lifestyle agency, he got into the casting because he knew the co-producers well. – It really was like that. I am not joking. I knew both Lew Rywin and Michał Szczerbic, my wife also worked in this production – adding that it was thanks to their help that he was able to take part in test photos, after which the final decision was made. – They introduced the actors one by one, sent photos, so they also sent my photo, then I had test photos in Warsaw, and I was accepted as one of the first ones – he recalled.

The editor of “Schindler’s List” cut out scenes with his participation. Dedek recalls what working on the set was like

Although working on the set was a great experience and distinction for him, ultimately the scenes with his participation were cut. – In “Schindler’s List” there were four plots of arrests of the main character, played by Liam Neeson, and I was in one of these plots. But in the end, it turned out that the film was very long and they cut out this entire thread – revealed Dedek, more than 30 years after the premiere.

Despite this, he does not hold any grudges and is grateful for the opportunity he has been given. He also fondly remembers the meeting with . – He is a giant of film and a highly respected man – he said, emphasizing that the director has great respect for his collaborators, and the atmosphere on the set is completely different than the one he experienced while playing in domestic productions. – There is also a search scene in Schindler’s office and the camera was behind me, then in front of me and Spielberg took the camera, and cameraman Kamiński sat in the corner and made stupid faces to distract me – he said about one of the moments that stuck out in his memory the most . – This also proves that he can afford certain situations that somehow relieve tension. The way of working is a bit different than ours, he said. If you feel like it, vote in our poll below.

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