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They were supposed to conquer Eurovision with this hit.  TVP sent another artist.  “They could have achieved something there”

They were supposed to conquer Eurovision with this hit. TVP sent another artist. “They could have achieved something there”

During the Eurovision Song Contest in 2003, the band Ich Troje represented Poland, singing the song “Keine Grenzen – ¯adnych borders”. Now it turns out that Michał Wi¶niewski’s pop-rock group could have taken part in the event 2 years earlier. Why was another candidate ultimately sent?

Ich Troje is a pop-rock band formed in 1995 in Łódź on the initiative of Micha³ Wi¶niewski and . Initially, Magda Femme performed with them, but after 6 years she was replaced by . It was with this line-up that the group represented Poland during the 48th Eurovision Song Contest.

The song Ich Troje for Eurovision had a peaceful message. Which place did Michał Wiśniewski’s team take?

Ich Troje appeared on the Eurovision stage for the first time in 2003, creating a real sensation among the listeners and jurors. The song “Keine Grenzen – No borders” prepared for this event was performed in three languages: Polish, German and Russian and had a peaceful message. – I’m glad that we managed to release “Keine Grenzen” just before the referendum on Poland’s accession to the European Union, because maybe thanks to our song, someone understood this European message: without borders – said Wiśniewski years later in an interview with .

Thanks to this, the team ultimately took 7th place, establishing one of the best results for Poland. However, he does not hide the fact that although they were successful, he believes that it was not the best moment for such a manifesto. – Eurovision was a huge distinction, but from today’s perspective, I’m not sure whether we did the right thing by deciding to do it then – he admitted directly, giving the reason for his concerns. – Unfortunately, we lost a lot. It seems to me that we sharply divided Poles then, he added. This is an interesting observation, especially since they had the opportunity to present themselves to the European audience 2 years earlier. Why was another artist sent in the end?

Marek Sierocki confirmed the speculations. The three of them could have performed at Eurovision instead of Andrzej Piaseczny

Let us recall that in 2001 he represented Poland with the song “2 Long”. However, his performance was not positively received, as he ultimately took 20th place out of 23 candidates, and the biggest media coverage was his large fur coat, which he threw off on the stage. Recently, who at that time was the head of entertainment at Telewizja Polska, gave an interview to the portal in which he directly admitted that in his opinion the song “Powiedz” from the repertoire of Ich Troje would be a much better choice.

He revealed that he heard her for the first time half a year before the preselections and to this day he regrets not opposing her taking part in the competition. – I should have taken that recording! Michał was already an excellent showman, soon he won the festival in Opole and the fight began for him to go to Eurovision. Personally, I really wanted him to go. At that time, he was the only artist in Poland who could achieve something there – he admitted bluntly. If you feel like it, vote in our poll below.

Source: Gazeta

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