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A temporary gem in Lidl!  Fleece and tasteful wonders are also cheaper at Mohito, Reserved

A temporary gem in Lidl! Fleece and tasteful wonders are also cheaper at Mohito, Reserved

Exceptional comfort, emphasizing the figure, universality and timeless style. This practical and tasteful gem from Lidl should be in every woman’s wardrobe.

During the transition period, our wardrobes must be prepared to create styles that suit various types of weather. To avoid being surprised by colder temperatures, it’s worth stocking your wardrobe with these wonders!

It’s already in Lidl! I put it in my cart without thinking

I haven’t seen such a universal model in Lidl for a long time! Thanks to its classic cut, it will subtly highlight any figure, while the fashionable beige color will make this sweatshirt match any style. Its biggest advantage, after the price, is of course the fleece material, which will provide a nice wrap and optimal insulation on colder days.

These types of sweatshirts and light coats are perfect for the transition period, when it’s time to give up heavy woolen coats and sheepskin coats.

Convenience combined with incredible style is now available at 42% cheaper by Reserved! We are talking about this tasteful, knitted sweatshirt in a delicate, light green color. In addition to its comfortable, casual cut, it is praised primarily for the decorative embroidery on the sleeves, which makes this model a real rarity among sweatshirts.

It is worth remembering that sporty, everyday styling can always be enriched with a bit of a more sophisticated style, and this project is a perfect example of that.

A soft gem also in Mohito! You won’t want to take it off

One of the more original elements of transitional styling this season will be vests! But not only down and quilted ones. Also distinguished by their taste, chic and femininity are fur onesies, which immediately attract attention and provide comfortable coating for women wearing them.

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