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They got married so that she could adopt a daughter.  They separated when his lover gave birth to a son.  “I was a loser”

They got married so that she could adopt a daughter. They separated when his lover gave birth to a son. “I was a loser”

Although Krystyna Sienkiewicz rarely complained about her fate, it hit her hard. The actress’s second husband was Andrzej Przyłubski, whom she married not out of love, but to have a father for her adopted daughter. They had an open relationship for years, which ultimately did her more harm than good. What was the private life of a cabaret star like?

She is remembered by viewers for her roles in productions such as “The Cure for Love”, “The Leśniewski Family”, “Rzeczpospolita Babska” and “Graczykowie”. A huge part of her artistic achievements were also performances on stage, especially in Olga Lipińska, which have permanently entered the pages of history. Although she was successful professionally and enjoyed unwavering recognition, she was not always successful in her private life.

She rejected the advances of foreigners because she did not want to leave her homeland. The reluctance to move out destroyed Sienkiewicz’s first marriage

Legends have circulated about Krystyna Sienkiewicz’s love affairs for years, and the actress did not deny her weakness for members of the opposite sex. She claimed that birthdays on Valentine’s Day are obligatory and that is why she is so amorous. However, she was unable to find fulfillment in love, and the men with whom she established romantic relationships were unable to meet her expectations.

As a woman, I was not very successful, but thanks to my experiences with men, I value solitude more today

– she wrote in her autobiography “Skrawki”. It is known that she was extremely successful among men, and was courted by, among others, a typewriter manufacturer or the owner of a Parisian airline, but she was never keen on foreign romances.

The actress’s first husband was Włodzimierz Rylski, who was three years older than her, whom she met by accident when he was just starting his career on the stage. Already in 1963, they got married, attended by the entire artistic cream, including: and Jeremi Przybora, who were their witnesses. Although she completely lost her mind for her beloved, he dreamed not of starting a family, but of conquering the stage. Ultimately, the idyll ended when, after a year of marriage, he decided to go to the GDR to try his hand at it, which Sienkiewicz was categorically against. – And my first husband lost money. We parted ways nicely. We didn’t want to have children, it’s easy to end such a marriage – she said in .

Sienkiewicz married her second husband to obtain permission to adopt a child. This is what their marriage was like

Although she didn’t plan to get married again, everything changed when she decided to adopt a few years later. Due to her childhood marked by war, she swore to herself that she would never give birth to a child, but would give a chance to one who had not known love. To implement her plan, she needed a man, and Andrzej Przyłubski seemed to her as the perfect candidate. – I didn’t fall in love with him. He wanted to have children, but I had my orphan vows that I would not give birth to a child. We adopted a girl – she mentioned in the same interview about her daughter, whose biological mother left her in the hospital right after her premature birth. – Only then did I marry him, for Julka, because they taught Julka that her name was Przyłubska, just like him. Besides, I wanted her to have a grandmother – she talked about the second reason.

Due to the fact that they did not have a passionate relationship, their relationship was more like an arrangement than a real marriage. They were both unfaithful and involved in numerous affairs, but at home they appeared to be a loving and happy family. – Andrzej had his affairs, which I knew, he probably knew about mine, but it was a taboo at home – the actress revealed years later. The cup of bitterness overflowed when it came to light that Przyłubski had a son with one of his lovers. Then Sienkiewicz filed for divorce, for which she paid a heavy price. – It was a marriage without a prenup. I was such a loser. He left half of my fortune to his illegitimate child and the 19-year-old dancer with whom he had it, she later recalled. Nevertheless, when he fell ill and was left completely alone, she took him under her roof and provided him with proper care, forgetting about all disagreements and resentments.

Source: Gazeta

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