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Foreign viewers ask Coben why he shoots series in Poland.  He replied

Foreign viewers ask Coben why he shoots series in Poland. He replied

Readers love crime stories and thrillers. These are definitely one of the most popular genres that can be found on the bestseller shelves in bookstores. Among the most widely read foreign authors, it is worth mentioning Harlan Coben, whose novels are increasingly eagerly adapted to the screen.

In 2018, Coben signed a favorable contract with Netflix, which included the creation of fourteen series based on his books. The writer’s cooperation with the streaming giant is interesting because the adaptations are international productions in which the author of the story serves as an executive producer.

Harlan Coben shoots series in Poland. Viewers ask why

This is how the series “Innocent” was created by the Spanish, “Stay with me” is a British series, and “Without Goodbye” was created in France. The first Polish production by Harlan Coben and Netflix was the six-episode series “Into the Forest” directed by Leszek Dawid and Bartosz Konopka. The 2020 production with Grzegorz Damięcki, Agnieszka Grochowska and Wiktoria Filus in the main roles was very popular not only in Poland, which is why it was not the only one that Coben produced in our country.

Two years later, the miniseries “Keep Calm” by Michał Gazda and Bartosz Konopka premiered. We could see Leszek Lichota and Magdalena Boczarska in the main roles. But that’s still not all. Information has been circulating on the Internet for months that Coben has resumed cooperation with Poles. This time, a series based on the book “Only One Look” will be created in Poland.

The author of global bestsellers will not stop shooting series in Poland and in Polish

As noticed by yahoo!news, the writer began to be asked questions on Twitter why he chooses Polish series more and more often. Viewers complain about English dubbing and find it difficult to understand why productions are not shot in English. Coben replied.

– I will answer the question “why are some of my series not shot in English?”. I won’t elaborate on this. The reason is simple: “why not?” I would also like to remind you that Netflix allows viewers to watch productions with English subtitles or English dubbing – writes the author on Twitter.

Coben’s fans praised him in the comments for his response. They appreciated diversity, and one of them decided to make a surprising confession. “If seeing Harlan’s perfect work required me to learn a new language, I would,” writes a devoted reader of the writer.

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