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“Facts”.  Anita Werner’s eloquent reaction.  “I won’t quote because it’s not appropriate for me”

“Facts”. Anita Werner’s eloquent reaction. “I won’t quote because it’s not appropriate for me”

The scandal starring Jacek Protasiewicz received wide coverage in the Polish media. The matter was raised, among others, by Anita Werner in the Monday edition of “Fakty” TVN from April 15. Although she did not quote the content of the controversial entries that the politician published online, her facial expression was a sufficient comment.

At the beginning of 2024, Jacek Protasiewicz, associated with PSL and Trzecia Droga, took over the position of deputy voivode of Lower Silesia. Later, on April 7, he ran for a seat in the regional council, but did not receive sufficient support. The bad streak apparently continues, because now the Prime Minister has dismissed him from office.

Jacek Protasiewicz dismissed from his position. It’s all because of vulgar posts on the Internet

The reason for Protasiewicz’s dismissal from his position was a series of controversial entries that he posted last weekend on the X platform. First, he discussed the issue of his private life, writing, among others: about how he spends his free time with his partner Daria Brzezicka, which caused outrage and consternation. Later it only got worse.

In subsequent posts, the politician not only criticized but also insulted his political opponents, using vulgar language. When his colleagues and journalists began to react to his scandalous behavior, calling on him to “come to his senses”, he did not leave a dry thread on them either. A scandal broke out, which prompted Prime Minister Donald Tusk to dismiss him from his position, which he did on April 15, 2024.

The Polish People’s Party, with which Protasiewicz is associated, also spoke on the matter. In a statement published on the X website, they clearly oppose his attitude and announce appropriate consequences.

We firmly distance ourselves from inappropriate entries by J. Protasiewicz. We do not consent to actions that are inconsistent with the ethical standards we set for our representatives in public life. Appropriate steps will be taken in this matter.

“Fakty” TVN. Anita Werner speaks bitterly about Protasiewicz’s attitude. Her facial expression reveals everything

The scandal involving Protasiewicz was mentioned by all the most important news programs in the country, including: in Monday’s edition (available at ). When announcing a report about the next adventures with the politician in the main role, she did not hide her embarrassment and although she did not dare to quote his words during the broadcast, she made it clear what she thought about them. – Jacek Protasiewicz will no longer be the deputy voivode of Lower Silesia. After his several online entries, Prime Minister Tusk dismissed him today. I will not quote what Protasiewicz wrote, because it is not appropriate for me – the journalist spoke eloquently, and then a short and sparse material appeared on the air. The following were cited: statement by the voivode of Lower Silesia, Maciej Awiżeń, who cited “lack of impeccable reputation” as one of the reasons for Protasiewicz’s dismissal. However, he emphasized that the politician understood his mistake and mentioned the apology he issued shortly after the scandal broke.

Source: Gazeta

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