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Make this “tea” for lavender once a month.  It will rise twice as fast

Make this “tea” for lavender once a month. It will rise twice as fast

Lavender is one of the most frequently planted plants in the garden. It delights not only with its beauty, but also with its wonderful scent. However, if you want it to grow beautifully, it is worth supporting it a little. This homemade fertilizer is perfect for this purpose.

Lavender naturally grows in, among others, northeastern Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, where it grows on the slopes of dry hills. The bushes can grow up to 1.5 meters high and have characteristic purple flowers. They also do quite well in the Polish climate, although frost-resistant varieties are best.

How to care for lavender? Two care treatments are important

it grows best in warm and well-sunny places. It won’t do well in the shade or partial shade, that’s why lavender is often recommended, e.g. for rockeries. It needs permeable soil with a high calcium content. It does not require special care, but regular weeding of the soil is important in its cultivation.

How to prune lavender after winter? How to prune lavender after winter? Photo

Additionally, lavender requires pruning. It is best to do this after the flowering period. Old shoots, stems and dry inflorescences should be removed. You can also make thickening pruning, which is recommended for young bushes. We then shorten them by half their height.

How to make fertilizer from egg shells? Thanks to it, the lavender will grow beautiful and healthy

It is worth fertilizing lavender in spring to support its growth and development. However, for this purpose we do not have to use ready-made conditioners, because home remedies will work just as well. Not everyone knows that when caring for plants, they are useful because they contain a lot of calcium needed by lavender. Most often we throw them into the trash, but this time let’s put them in a jar and pour boiling water over them. Leave this infusion for a week, and after that time, strain it and water the plant. The treatment should be repeated once a month.

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