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I dreamed about such a skirt!  I found it at Answear 40% cheaper.  Also beautiful in Parine and Zalando

I dreamed about such a skirt! I found it at Answear 40% cheaper. Also beautiful in Parine and Zalando

This openwork wonder from Answear immediately caught my eye! This skirt is incredibly comfortable, very stylish, and you can now buy it up to 40% cheaper. I also found beauty in Parine and Zalando.

Openwork accessories and clothing items definitely dominate this season, and I finally managed to find the perfect skirt of my dreams. I found it on Answear, 40% cheaper!

The skirt is made of intricately decorated lace lining, which is covered with tulle. This is an extremely modern model that combines rusticity and iconic details from the 80s and 90s. This skirt will certainly attract attention and will be a great base for truly fashionable styling!

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It was love at first sight! I bought this beauty in Parine

I fell in love with this amazing skirt immediately. I found it at a great price in Parine. It is available in 6 colors, but my heart belongs to the purple one and the pink one below.

This skirt is an incredibly feminine piece that can be freely adjusted thanks to the tie at the waist. This means that you can count on a perfect fit and emphasizing your waist. The asymmetrical cut of the skirt is emphasized thanks to the ruffle sewn around it, which looks beautiful when moving.

Airy and extremely feminine. This skirt from Zalando is my must-have

This skirt from Zalando immediately won my heart! It is currently available at a great price. I already know that with its help I will create many unforgettable styles during spring and summer days.


The skirt is available in 7 colors! I’m sure each of us will find our favorite one, but I liked the powder pink one best, finished with tiny white dots. It has a side slit that you can freely adjust. It gives airiness and lightness to our steps. Perfect for sandals, high heels and sports shoes.

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