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Rhododendrons are dying before your eyes?  Make homemade conditioner from waste.  He’ll have them back on their feet in no time

Rhododendrons are dying before your eyes? Make homemade conditioner from waste. He’ll have them back on their feet in no time

Do you grow rhododendrons in your garden, but despite all your efforts, they still have not bloomed? Check if you are not making one of the common mistakes, and also make homemade fertilizer. It will nourish the plant so much that flowers will appear quickly.

Spring is a time of intense work for gardeners and the best time to fertilize some plants. Among them, we can find, among others, fabulously beautiful shrubs such as rhododendrons, also known as rhododendrons. How to care for them and feed them so that they bloom in all possible colors?

What destroys rhododendrons? Watch out for growing mistakes

Rhododendrons are beautiful shrubs that delight with dense, large and colorful flowers during the flowering period. The first of them appear in April and delight the eye until June. Unfortunately, sometimes it happens that this does not happen, a Inappropriate care is most often responsible for this state of affairs. If you have rhododendrons in your garden but you still can’t see the colorful buds, it’s worth checking where you made a mistake and strengthening them with homemade fertilizer. With its help, they will bloom this season.

How to strengthen rhododendrons? How to strengthen rhododendrons? Photo / Willow

How to care for rhododendrons? Remember this

Rhododendrons should be planted in acidic soil, in a place semi-shady and exposed to the wind. In addition, they require regular, but not too abundant, watering watering, without which they will quickly waste away. Just remember that both excess and deficiency of water can harm them, so water them often, but in moderation. In addition, thoroughly strengthen it with fertilizer twice a year. In spring you can prepare it yourself. It will quickly get the plant back on its feet.

How to strengthen rhododendrons? Make homemade conditioner

Spring is the right time to nourish rhododendrons. Instead of buying a ready-made chemical mixture, prepare it yourself, which will make the plant bloom quickly. What will you need? Coffee grounds are perfect. Sprinkle them on the top layer of soil under the rhododendrons and leave them. In addition, cuticle conditioner will also work well banana. Cut them into small pieces, put them in a jar, pour water over them, close them and put them in a dark, cool place. After two weeks, simply strain it, dilute it with water in proportions 1:4 and water the bushes with the remaining mixture rich in potassium, phosphorus and calcium. After another two weeks you will notice the difference.

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