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She hung the laundry in the garden.  The neighbor said it was “spoiling her view.”  What does the law say about this?

She hung the laundry in the garden. The neighbor said it was “spoiling her view.” What does the law say about this?

Calendar spring and beautiful weather outside encourage you to dry your laundry outside. Finally, you don’t have to stuff the dryer in your apartment and be irritated by the smell of dampness. As it turns out, not everyone is happy with this turn of events.

When hung clean, your home smells beautiful. However, this method has more disadvantages than advantages. It increases humidity and thus contributes to the formation of mold and fungi. The worst possible solution is to dry your clothes near a radiator. For this reason, many people look forward to nice weather so that they can hang their laundry outside, e.g. in or on the balcony.

Can I hang laundry in the garden? There is no shortage of opponents of this idea

Unfortunately, not everyone is happy with drying laundry in the garden. It’s primarily about aesthetic issues. One person shared hers on the online parenting forum The woman hung the laundry on a line in the garden, which offended her neighbor. The neighbor said that the hanging clothes “spoil her view.” She even threatened to report the woman to the village council and took photos of the hanging laundry. The owner of the clothes was shocked because there was nothing special hanging on the line.

It’s just regular laundry, there were no panties or sex toys.

– she explained. At first, she ignored her neighbor’s threats, but then she got a little scared and decided to ask Internet users on the forum whether there are any regulations regarding hanging laundry.

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When can you hang laundry on the balcony? There are two exceptions

There is no ban on hanging laundry in the garden, on the terrace or on the balcony. On the contrary, we should even dry our clothes outside to give them a fresh scent and get rid of microorganisms. However, there are two exceptions. Firstly, the housing community may prohibit drying laundry on the balcony if there are regular complaints that neighbors do not want such views. Therefore, it is worth getting acquainted with the building regulations before putting the clothes dryer outside. Secondly, in some cases the Code of Petty Offenses applies. If water is dripping heavily from hanging clothes and pouring onto other balconies, your neighbors can report it and you will receive a PLN 500 fine. You will also receive a penalty if the dryer placed outside the balustrade is too heavy. If a neighbor believes that this poses a threat to his or her safety, he or she may report you to the police or city guard.

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